Along Lake Malawi 093

At Lake Malawi quite a bit further south we camp at an Englishman at the campground. The lodge is on the lake, with its beautiful beach. We see many different water birds on the shore – herons, ducks, cormorants and enjoy the view of the lake.

Along Lake Malawi
Campsite at an English man

In the morning we find millions of dead mosquitoes next to our kerosene lamp. We had not noticed at night, how many there were.

Along Lake Malawi
Beach at Lake Malawi

We start again early, want to go to an unknown reserve, the Thuma Forest Reserve, where there will be bushbucks and elephants.

We stop along the way, because we see a tornado. As fast it occurs, it dissolves. We buy fruit at the roadside, we need supplies. We are, of course, an attraction at the street vendors, especially the children are curious, long-distance travelers from another continent come by here not very often.

Along Lake Malawi
Left overs of a bridge

After a few kilometers we turn off to a gravel road for Thuma Forest Reserve. Beautiful are the round huts. Over fairly good track and wobbly bridges, we come closer to the park.

Along Lake Malawi
Getting closer to the National Park

We drive through the gate, Tara smuggled, but the road gets worse and worse.

And then, a sudden stop. The creek would not be the problem, but then the slope of loose stones. Spontaneously we think of Ethiopia, where we turned back in similar situation, have broken down both front tires and decide to turn. This risk we do not want to have again.

Instead, we end up in Senga Bay, right on the lake.

Along Lake Malawi
Campsite Senga Bay Livingstonia