Kibale Forest National Park 075

We stay overnight at Kibale Forest National Park. There is a mountain and rain forest system with enclosed swamp and grassland sections. The trees can grow up to 55 meters. The park has one of the highest primate densities in the world.

Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale Forest National Park Campsite

We are enthusiastic about army ants marching like soldiers in a row on the road. We hoped to see monkeys, but as much as we scan the trees, nothing to see.

A little disappointed we leave Kibale Forest National Park. At the reception, we stop to pay for the night. The receptionist is very nice and said she had already heard them. We step out of the building and we actually hear some. And suddenly there’s a rustling in the branches. A colobus monkey.

Kibale Forest National Park
Colobus Monkey

The monkeys are curiously watching us from the treetops. They are beautiful animals, with long-haired fur -black and white, they look like forest ghosts.

In Fort Portal we stay one more timeovernight and today we say goodbye to Steffen and Steffi. They were already three years on the road and have to go back. They want their car ship from South Africa to Europe, but until then, there are still some thousand kilometers.

Kibale Forest National Park
Campsite with Steffi and Stephen – Time to say Good Bye

We sign on the car and we hugged, it was nice to travel with them, they had come through West Africa, a hard part of Africa, we believe they are already a little tired of Africa.

Kibale Forest National Park
Last day with Steffi and Stephen