Leaving South Africa A003

End of August we were leaving South Africa with 2 vehicles, the Land Rover and the Camper Van. It was impossible to sell the van, although we tried hard but the laws were against us. Alexandra was driving the Land Rover and me the van. As we had to extend our Visa in South Africa, we had been a home affairs in Cape Town to extend. Unfortunately the officer at the border to Namibia did not accept the stamp and informed us that we had to pay a fine of 1000 Rand when we wanted to re-enter South Africa. Not far from Otjiwarongo Alex had a flat tire at the Land Rover and we had to change at the Road.

Safely we arrived again at Oppi Koppi in Kamanjab, Namibia. Next day Robi told us he would like to Camper Van for the farm and he would try to get the papers to be able to import it. Our Visa was about to expire, so we had to exit Namibia for a while, so we left to Dobe via Tsumkwe. We went to Maun and stayed at Sedia Hotel. So we arranged a price for a month. For 3 days it was quite nice and a dog was visiting us regularly. He got along with Tara quite well and we thought it was the dog of the owner. So we let him sleep in the tent and he felt quite comfortable.

One day the owner discovered the stray dog and also discovered that we had a dog as well and turned completely crazy and kicked us out, and called somebody to shoot the dog next day, but allowed us to stay overnight and that he will give the money back.

So there was an urgent need to rescue the dog. Early in the morning I got the dog into the car and drove off with him in a 20 kilometer distant village, where I discovered an old man who I asked if he wanted the dog and I gave it to him. Unfortunately the dog escaped the man and ran after my car until it was so exhausted that the dog gave up. One of my worst experiences with animals. I felt miserable.

Then we packed our things and moved to Safari Island Lodge.

Leaving South Africa
Island Safari Lodge Camp in Maum, Botswana

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