Kenya Marsabit – Dangerous road 059

The next morning we leave the Omo region and Turmi and drive through a beautiful landscape. Our goal is the Kenyan border. From the border onwards on Kenyan side it is dangerous in many ways. On the one hand, the Moyale road is difficult, on the other hand, there are always reported serious robberies.

Kenya Marsabit
Road to Kenyan Border

But for us it is the only route to Kenya, as the route along Lake Turkana via Omorate can not be done without four-wheel drive.

We have a noise at the vehicle, but cannot localize it maybe a shock absorber, or a wheel bearing, but it does not help to know, for up to Marsabit about 1,000 miles from here, there is anyway no village to be able to fix it, so only hope remains.

We see our first marabou storks, a sure sign that we penetrate deeper into East Africa. We liked Ethiopia very much, we’ll visit it again in the near or distant future. You cannot make plans in Africa there are too many unknown factors.

Kenya Marsabit
Marabu Stork

The border crossing into Kenya was no problem and now we drive on the frightened Moyale road to Marsabit and Isiolo. We hear many horror stories and, moreover, the rainy season has started, which makes things not easier. We are lucky not being forced to drive in convoy, although it is reported of robberies. The track allows a max of 20km/h , so it will take us for the 500 kilometers distance – with a lot of luck just two days.

Border Village Moyale

It is difficult to drive because heavy trucks have left deep ruts and we must always balance the van on the higher parts of the road not to slip into the ruts.

Kenya Marsabit
Kenya Marsabit – Moyale Road

After 14 continuous hours of driving we reach the halfway town Marsabit and promptly drown in mud in the flooded town. With the help of the sand ladders and many helpers we can free ourselves and reach after a violent spin on a curve in the mud, Henry’s Camp Site.

Kenya Marsabit
Vultures – hopefully everybody survived

At the campsite we meet again Cape Townian Joachim and the two German motorcyclists Wolfgang and Sibille.

Kenya Marsabit
Marsabit Campsite

We wait here a few days until the weather improves, enjoy Henry’s private Bakery and cheese and make a walk with Wolfgang and Sibille to the market of Marsabit.

At the market of Marsabit, there is an abundance of goods, other than in Ethiopia, and we stock up our supply with some food to survive the next 250 kilometers.