Desert Adventures 027

Our route leads along a depression in which several oasis developed. The Oasis Bahariya with Bawiti, Farafra, Kharga and Dakhla is one of them. There are also numerous smaller uninhabited Oasis. Their names start with “bir” which means well or with “ain” which means that there is existence of water.

In its structure the Libyan desert (which is situated partly in Egypt) is divided by escarpents and plateaus. Another typical landscape here are deep plains, which are on sea level or even lower.

We have again watched the landscape for too long and so it got late and we still have to find a place for our overnight stay. Due to the surface it is not so easy this time we drive rather late into the evening. Bodo leads because from shoveling we have already enough today.

We want to get deeper into the desert away from the main route, that the light of our lamps cannot be seen. If we can manage to get away from the main route we will have a quiet night with no visitors. We find a track, which was not maintained for years but it looks not too bad. We follow Bine and Bodo is a greater distance, because we need more speed when the sand gets softer.

The radio set makes communication easier, so we can inform each other in case difficulties are on our way.

Bodo reports over radio soft sand. Now we try to gain speed otherwise we get stuck and have to get our shovels out again.

We manage to get through with rumpling and are lucky we did not get stuck.

Suddenly there is the end of this track, but no problem, the place is nice the ground is solid and we are hidden by smaller dunes from the main road. We still turn the cars so we can immediately drive off if there is any danger during night.

This bush camp is promising a quiet night under a sky full of stars and between smooth sand dunes. We are half way through the desert, tomorrow we start more slowly, we only want to get to the oasis of Dakhla.