Vwaza National Park Malawi 091

We have already crossed the border. The transition was easy, as always. First, immigration, then customs, Carnet stamped, but this time we had to visit the veterinarian. He looked at the papers of Tara, all carefully noted and then issued a document, so our dog can enter.

Lake Malawi
First view of Lake Malawi

We see for the first time the deep blue Lake Malawi, as we turn to the campsite. It will now be our constant companion for some time, because we will drive along the lake towards the south. Right now we are tired and glad to have found a campsite.

In the morning we set off and drive along the Lake Malawi. We put a few stops to admire this great lake.

Lake Malawi stretches almost across the entire country, with 575 kilometers in length, it is the third largest lake in Africa and reaches a considerable depth of 700 meters.

Here took place an explosion of biodiversity. Here10 percent of all freshwater fish in the world are living and 1,000 different species of fish are believed to exist, some still undiscovered.

Soon we reached Mzuzu, where we check into a Backpackers Guesthouse. There is no diesel, and so we’re stuck for a few days, never mind, anyway we have to organize a tire.

After a few days, we go further into the Vwaza National Park. Over dusty dirt roads, we finally reach the gate. We have to smuggleTara.

Vwaza National Park
Vwaza National Park Entrance Gate

The trick is always the same and usually works. I park the car farther away from the gate, so that in case, Tara is barking, nobody can hear her . Alexandra keeps Tara quiet. When the paperwork is done, they open the gate and I’m going through in one go. Has also worked this time.

The camp is idyllic, and we are alone. Promises to be a good 50th Birthday for me.

Vwaza National Park
Campsite in Vwaza National Park cooking on charcoal

Vwaza National Park
Campsite Vwaza National Park

In the morning we are on a game drive, we see antelopes and warthogs.

Vwaza National Park

The park there is a small lake on whose shores we want to go along. In the lake, a group of hippos are bathing.

Vwaza National Park

We stand near the shore and watch the wildlife. A group of elephants come to the bank.

Vwaza National Park

The 1,000-square-kilometer large reserve is located 29 kilometers from Rumphi. It is open all year and we enjoy after East Africa, the moderate entrance fee of 5 U.S. dollars, which makes a difference to the up to 200 U.S. dollars per day in Tanzania.
Around the lake Kazuni dominate wetlands and grasslands. It is said that 350 elephants live here. There are also buffalo in the park, but these here should be particularly aggressive. The lake is full of hippos and crocodiles.

Since 2010 there is again a lodge with restaurant and tented camps. The Kazuni camp is the campsite with half-open grass huts and open spaces, where can be camped. Camping costs 5 U.S. dollars per person, there are hot showers and toilets.

We enjoy the solitude of the park and the rich wildlife and can still remain a day, although Tara was discovered, the rangers make an exception.