From Dar to Bagamoyo 17.09.2012 A010

We took the Matatu to Dar Es Salaam to buy spare parts for the Land Rover and an external Harddisc. At around noon we returned back to Paradise Guest House. There we spent a quiet night until around midnight. We woke up to hear loud screams and noises like someone had been beaten. The goats were making a loud noise as well. The Guest House owner was screaming loudly, but soon it was quiet again. We went out but could not see anything. In the kitchen the owner couple told us everything was fine. So we wet to bed again.

Dar to Bagamoyo

In the morning I went out and saw Salomon the owner in his garden. I asked him was going on in the night. He told us a guy, who we had known with a girl friend from Austria, had sex with a goat. Salomon caught him and had beaten him with a belt.

In the afternoon a Rasterman named Matunda came to the Lodge. He picked up the trousers of his friend the one who was beaten last night. Obviously he was ashamed for the guy and the guy himself was ashamed as well. He was never seen at the beach again, at least for the time we stayed there.

The gust house was nice but as there stayed a lot of young people a lot was going on. Matunda used one of the rooms as love nest. He was having sex with an American girl. She was screaming and moaning all day loudly, so it was difficult to concentrate to the work.

A French girl had each evening another guy in her room, no it was not a brothel.

20.09.2012 Dar To Bagamoyo

Finally we wanted to get on and headed to Bagamoyo Beach Resort. From Dar to Bagamoyo it was not too far and the route was scenic.

Dar To Bagamoyo
Building new accommodation at the Resort

We had a look at some other campsites before but Bagamoyo Beach Resort seemed the best choice at the moment. The campsite was situated behind the rooms, and there was a clean and good shower and a proper toilet. The campsite had a lot of palm trees on sandy ground so it was qute a nice campsite. We put up our huge tent and the small one. The Land Rover could park in the shade of the palm trees. Quite idyllic.

We walked to the fish market which was directly at the beach with all the dhows, very scenic. Under a huge shelter there were hundreds of small charcoal fires where the ladies fried fish in the pan. For about 1.50 USD you could eat there fried fish with rice – delicious.

In another shelter there were deep freezers and fresh fish to buy. We often got white snapper and a green fish of which we never found out the name. Of course bargaining was obligatory in Africa, everywhere.

Back at the campsite we did some computer work. In the evening we walked to the centre to have some chipsi mayai ( French Fries with eggs) or kuku na chipsi (Chicken with French Fries). Sometimes we ate at the dolphin bar, an open air bar just outside the camp.

Dar to Bagamoyo, Dhow
Dhow at the fish market
18.09.2012 Dolhin Bar in Bagamoyo

In the evening at Dolphin bar we met a French guy who was married to a Tanzanian women from Dar. They had 2 children and were living next to the campsite in a house with garden. He invited us for breakfast in his house.


We went for breakfast to the couple and had nice talks about everything and learned some deeper insights into Tanzanian life.


In the afternoon a German guy arrived at the campsite with his motorbike, completely exhausted. When he wanted to put up his tent, he realized that he obviously had lost his tent. Must have been appened on his way to Bagamoyo. So we lent him our small tent and advised him to go to Dar to buy one for his further journey.

German Thomas
Thomas from Germany

When he came back from Dar to Bagamoyo he put up his newly bought tent, but was really disappointed because he had bought a tent for children, so it was much too short for him.

His plan was to go to Zanzibar on a dhow with the fisher men. So the French guy helped him to arrange the trip, and so he was supposed to be at the fish market at midnight to get on a dhow.


In the morning Thomas completely exhausted appeared at the campsite and told us they were waiting whole night but the fisher man did not show up. So in the morning he gave up.

In the evening he asked us if we could go with him to a restaurant to have some food. He did not want to go alone, as when he went out alone, the girls approached him quite heavily, so he thought that we could protect him.

We agreed and went to Dolphin bar, where we had been before and had known the waitresses already. But it was unbelievable. As soon as they realized he was a single guy they approached him so heavily, showed him their breasts and openly invited him to have sex with the girls. They were not disturbed by us at all. So I told the girls that they should leave him alone and that we just want to eat.


Extension of our TIP was on the agenda. Not really complicated. First we asked at the customs at the fish market but they told us we need to go to immigration not far from the market. Unusual that immigration had to do it. We entered the lady sent us to the bank to ask the exchange rate. We came back showed her the paper from the bank with the rate. She calculated the fee, we paid, she stamped, done. Matter of minutes.

In the morning we always made a walk to our chapati women for breakfast. The technique was sophisticated and not so easy to cook. But they were delicious and we came here every day.