Cape Town – What is next 117

From signal hill we can look at the Cape Town city center. The city is a large city, but completely atypical, because only the center has high-buildings. The center is surrounded by little towns like Milnerton, Table View, Bloubergstrand, Bellevile, Muizenberg and others.

Cape Town
Cape Town from Signal Hill

Cape Town we like, we could imagine living here, but this is impossible because the immigration rules are strict and white-immigrants are not really welcomed. Even though Nick is married to a South African, and he had a good career in England, he received only a temporary resident permit.

Cape Town
Cape Town Centre

From above we see the football stadium, a remnant of the World Cup, which gave the city a decent investment boost.

Cape Town
Cape Town Table Mountain
Cape Town
Cape Town Table Mountain

We admire Table Mountain, the landmark of the city to its feet spreads Cape Town.

We start to wonder. What now? We have achieved the goal and there is a certain emptiness. The trip was exciting and wonderful it was also hard, difficult and grueling.

We have traveled through 12 African countries, started with a lot of prejudices, of which none has been confirmed. We came through different cultures, have come to appreciate this, have found friends, had meetings from which we learned a lot.

We were warned that Africa was dangerous, we have consistently only had good experiences. Much is worse in Africa than in the so-called Western world, but there is also much that is much better and is better organized. We need to rethink our concept of poverty, have got a different understanding of what poverty is.

If we would make the trip again? Of course we would. We would include the experiences that we made in a new trip and would make much different, much more organized. Yes, we would do it again.

Approximately 500 days to Cape Town. It was a dream. That’s it. The End.

No, not yet the end. We have decided to go on. With Joachim’s help, we have found it then, our motorhome. A 30-year-old Land Rover, we registered on our name in Cape Town.

In the workshop of Roverland it is tested and we renewed key parts as a precaution.

It still needs to be converted into a motorhome, which we will make ourselves. Our plan is to drive from Cape Town to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, along the coast up through Tanzania and Kenya, then on Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia, Namibia and South Africa again and from there to ship to South America, if this plan will work, time will show.