Tiras Mountains to Luderitz 113

We are back on the road. Our next stop will be the Tiras Mountains. They are on the edge of the Namib Desert and are characterized by bright red mountains and red dunes. On the plains the grass is silver and provides a good habitat for ostriches.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Tiras Mountains

Again, we are overwhelmed by the tremendous scenery and can not believe, that there are such beautiful places on our planet.

We sit at the campsite and watch the changing of the light and no matter where we turn our heads, we see only great nature.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Campsite Tiras Mountains

Tara also enjoys it and sometimes she sits and looks into the distance as if they had similar feelings and thoughts as we do.

We are back on the road.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Road to Luderitz

The scenery changes from desert to grassland and again to desert until we arrive in Luderitz.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Campsite Luderitz

We are in the courtyard of the hostel, and discover two Austrians, with their ancient Magirus Deutz truck. They are long-term travelers, but at the moment they alternately stay for six months in southern Africa and a half year in Austria.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Magirus Deutz

They are funny people and we have a lot of fun with them.

We drive to Diaz Point. A stone cross erected by the Portuguese Bartolomeus Diaz when he landed here more than 500 years ago. A 1911-built wooden walkway leads up to the cross.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Luderitz Diaz Point

For us it is just too cold here on the Atlantic and we hurry back to Lüderitz in the sheltered town.

From the Rock Church we have a good view over the bay of Luderitz.

Rock church Luderitz

1883 the area was bought by a German merchant Adolf Luderitz from a Nama captain. The background was guano fertilizer deposits. The German Emperor placed the territory under German protection, but this led to conflict with the British from the Cape, because those had annexed the territory.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz
Overview Luderitz

There was never a really blossom in Lüderitz. In 1950 more and more people left the city.

Interesting is the former diamond town Kolmanskop. Founded by an ox-cart driver, soon August Stauch a railway official took over who was to monitor the train here.

In 1908, Mr. Lewala discovered diamonds here and Stauch immediately secured the mineral rights. Lewala worked for him and made him a millionaire with his knowledge.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz

1956 ended the diamond rush, the last inhabitants left the place. Since then, the desert gets house by house.

Tiras Mountains to Luderitz