Travel Egypt – Crossing into Egypt 021

After our car did not work for three weeks in Gabes, the group could not wait for us any longer. We separated and stayed behind alone. We got aquainted with a couple from Berlin, who planned to make a holiday in Tunesia for two month. With them we made day trips to Matmata with the cave dwellings and went with their truck to an abandoned village. On Christmas Eve they decided to come with us to Cape town and by accident our car was running again. We visited Sabratha, the old town of Tripoli, further Leptis Magna, famous sights in Libya. We spent new years eve together and travelled through the Libyan desert. From our bush camp in the desert we travelled on directly to the Egyptian border.

We are already curious what to expect at the border. We hear a lot of stories from other travellers, that the border would take us 8 hours. As we started early in the morning, we should make it to Egypt before sunset.  But nothing is certain in Africa, so we will see ourselves.

Our travel Egypt leads us along the Mediterreanean coast until Cairo, the capital of Egypt, then in a wide bow through the black and white desert, where we will meet the Nile valley at Luxor. Along the Nile we will go to Aswan, where we have to take the ferry into Sudan.

We did quite well crossing the border. There was a so called fixer that offered us help for money of course to guide us through the different offices at the border. Running from office to office everything was finished after four hours and we could go on.

After the border we had to get an escort, with their chevrolet they were leading us to protect us. For us it was not so clear what they did protect us from, we could not see any danger. The guides are tourism police and it is duty to have them when travelling individually. But as usual in Africa, nothing is strict and so we will loose them very soon.

The landscape at the coast is unspectacular and there is no goog access to the sea. But anyway we need to get quickly to Cairo, because Bodo and Bine have to apply for their Visa into Sudan. This is said to be a complex thing and one has to wait for several days.

After two days driving we reach the campsite in Cairo.

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