Our Land Rover 109 A002


Handed money for Land Rover over to Warren, we get the papers. The purchase contract in Africa has to be witnessed and with this document we went to the traffic office to get an South African ID for me, with our South African address and got the rgistration for the car with the number we had to use for the car. In South Africa you must print your number plate yourself, so with the papers from the office we went to the number plate shop to get the plates. Joachim was not only driving us but also assisted with all the paper work. We can wait and 2 minutes later we got the plates.

Land Rover 109
Our Land Rover 109

Next day we attached the plates to our new Land Rover 109 and we did some maintanance, like lubing the steering relay. I had to adjust the sterring wheel and now it was operating more smoothly. Water Hose to radiator was dripping, just screwed it better, problem solved. Cigar lighter was taken out of the camper van and mounted in the Land Rover. Now also the navigation device could be used.

Now a joke cable had to be attached which Stan did from a suburban of Cape Town, but unfortunately even with the joke cable it did not start without starter spray.

I did change all the gear oils and lots of other maintanence as the Land Rover was not used very often and we had to ckeck everything for the big trip which we intended to do.

At the weekend we visited a second hand market in Milnerton the place where we stayed and bought some tools for the trip. Later we made a trip to Houtbay with Guide and Heidi who were still around.

Next morning we got the message that the guy who was buying our staff was stopping his business, so we ended up having no income at all. So I had to find something else to be able to continue our trip.

The days pass with maintenance work and nice restaurant visits with Guido and Heidi. I had the idea to load up all the video clips I had to Pond5, an agency that sells video rights, but the data was too much so I copied on DVD and sent to the United States to Pond5 and they promised to upload it to my account to be ready to sell. At least some light at the tunnel.

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