Shimba Hills in Rainy Season 063

The days pass and Sven and Nadine, a German couple with their ancient Land Rover, arrives at the site. They are on the way to Germany, the car they bought in South Africa.

We enjoy a few days in paradise, with palm trees and sandy beach, the rainy season seems to be over, and we are planning to travel with Sven and Nadine a distance together.

Finally, after six weeks we leave Tiwi Beach and drive to the Shimba Hills, we want to visit the National Park.

Through beautiful scenery, we swing around the world. Palm trees along the road, which is not bad and soon we reached the gate of the park. We want to stay here.

But the prices are high, and we give up and decide to continue to Voi to spend the night there.

Initially, the track is still good, but it is getting worse, the rainy season has left its mark, there are still 175 kilometres to Voi, if this keeps up, we need to stay in the bush somewhere.

Shimba Hills during rainy season

We need to stop. A sloping, muddy piece lies ahead. On foot we explore the passage to see if we get through here. We decided to risk it.

Made it, looked worse than it was. Now is Sven’s turn.

Also made. And then it goes on. After an hour we are held back. The road is blocked. A truck spun out and turned over and has lost its load. We have to wait until the road is cleared again.

The thing is evolving into a mud battle, but now there is no turning back. Ouch – We set up very hard, I hope nothing is damaged.

Nadine says, oil is dripping from our van. No, on closer inspection it is diesel. Where it comes from, cannot be localized because of the mud, it is not much, so we should still make it to Voi. Just before sunset we reached Voi, are dog-tired, and we checked into the Red Elephant Lodge. Tomorrow we have to go to a garage.