Douz Oasis but not for our Campervan 010

It is becoming clear that they have not found the error and Joachim and Renate tow us to the campsite at Douz; where there is said to be a good mechanic who would fix the problem soon.

Douz – being towed to Douz

But that will not be happen until tomorrow. So we spend a quiet morning on the very nice campground. We do not know yet that this is only the beginning of our great martyrdom.

During late morning we take the car to the mechanic, who lives and works just 100 meters from the camp but we are not in the mood to visit the oasis Douz sights.

Joachim is a true soul, waiting patiently with us for the diagnosis. I keep having stronger doubts. Was it right to take this tour with such a vehicle, will they find and fix the problem, must we return and tow the car to Tunis in the port and bring it back to Italy, hoping to repair it there or do we have to completely cancel the entire project.

Douz – Mechanics try their best

No sooner have I finished thinking, we received the diagnosis. Unfortunately, it is the same as in the last workshop, which has not really led to the desired success.

We let the mechanics continue and wait patiently on the sidewalk.

Hour after hour goes by without evident results and I begin to prepare coffee. Tara is visibly bored, this is not her idea of Africa. Nor is it our idea, because now we are spending a lot of time in the workshops.

The boys on the roadside are watching the whole action, ready to help, because they really are helpful – the Tunisians.

Joachim reads a book, I prepare coffee on the pavement – a new experience. I offer the guys coffee, but they reject with thanks. Instant coffee, they would probably not like.

It is almost evening and it is clear that the problem is not solved. The car must be placed on the tow truck and be brought to Gabes, 149 km further. There will be a Peugeot specialist workshop, unfortunately not for Citroen.

Douz – Bringing the Van to Gabes

Halfway, in the middle of the night, we have an accident. On our tow truck, a wheel bearing brakes, and only a hair’s breadth, we do not lose the left front wheel.

We have to wait until a replacement comes. The night is cold, but the wheel bearing arrives and is immediately fixed.

Our guides had continued even in the late afternoon with the group from Douz to Metameur, there we are to meet when the vehicle is repaired in Gabes.

Soon we can continue our trip to Gabes and we spend the rest of the night in the parking lot of the Peugeot garage. Will we still catch up with the group?