Nkhata Bay Malawi 092

We leave this heavenly place, back towards Nkhata Bay at Lake Malawi.

It is known for its beautiful beaches and is a popular tourist destination, especially for those who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Nkhata Bay
Nkhata Bay

The town is also known for its vibrant markets, where visitors can buy fresh produce, handmade crafts, and other local products.

Nkhata Bay
People selling veggies

Nkhata Bay

In addition to tourism, fishing is an important industry in Nkhata Bay, and the town is home to a large fishing community. The local people are primarily of the Tonga ethnic group and speak a language called Tumbuka.

Overall, Nkhata Bay is a picturesque town with a rich culture and many opportunities for visitors to explore and experience the beauty of Malawi.

The road passes through hilly countryside. I see a stand with bananas. I need to buy some. The variety of different sweet bananas is great.

Nkhata Bay
buying bananas

At another stall, we still buy mangos. A relaxing stay at the lake, is garantueed. We drive through Nkhata Bay.

Nkhata Bay
campsite in Nkhata Bay

Under a mango tree we make ourselves comfortable. Hanging laundry in the open air, especially during night should be avoided, because here you get the mango fly, a vile insect that lays its eggs under the skin and in wet clothes. Later the maggots hatch from human skin.

From the campsite we have a good view over Lake Malawi and its beautiful beaches.

Typical are the small silvery fish in Malawi, which are all laid out to dry.

Since our back door has again given up, a mechanic comes with an interesting welder. It is a DIY version, apparently iron cores wrapped with wire. Two wires come into the socket, two wires are the welding bridge. This is something we have never seen before. Seems to work fine and in no time, our door is again welded.

Nkhata Bay
Welding Machine