Ngorongoro Crater 083

Shortly after the camp tarmac begins again, we are surprised. Today, we make it to the Ngorongoro Crater. Behind a smelly bus, it goes up a mountain, we stop and enjoy the view of the Manyara National Park.

Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara National Park

The National Park was established in 1960, two thirds of the area are occupied by the lake. The area was also the setting for the classic film “Hatari” with John Wayne and Hardy Kruger.

Ngorongoro Crater
Camping above Lake Manyara

We stay on the camp on the hill, where we also have a great view of the Manyara National Park.

Campsite Lake Manyara
Camping above Lake Manyara

We decide before go to the crater, to make a side trip to Lake Eyasi, there should be Bushmen. First, it goes well on the tar, then gravel. The gravel is getting worse and we are skeptical about whether we make it because our car is in no good condition.

Then a section comes that looks too bad. On foot, we inspect it. We decide to turn around, probably we are having more damage on this route. so we go back.

We drive closer to Ngorongoro Crater and make camp very near the gate to the road up to the crater.

Ngorongoro Crater
Campsite near Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater
Working at the campsite

The next morning I go alone to the Ngorongoro Crater. Alexandra remains with Tara back at the campground. Admission is horrendous. 100 U.S. dollars for one person plus car per day. I grudgingly pay and go up.

The scenery is beautiful, but from the view into the crater I’m disappointed, I do not pay the extra 100 U.S. dollars into the crater. The crater is 16 by 20 kilometers and is home to many animals. All animals except giraffes and impalas are represented in the crater.The landscape on the floor of the crater is a microcosm of its own. The heart is Lake Magadi which is the lowest point, depending on the rainy season, sometimes filled,.

Ngorongoro Crater
View from the rim of Ngorongoro Crater

The track leads along the crater rim, passing the Grzimek monument. The professor had campaigned for the wild animals. He gave everything for nature conservation. Here he also lost his son Michael in a plane crash.

Grzimek Memorial

From the crater rim you have a good view of the Serengeti.

When I return an elephant is on the track, the only animal that I’ve seen in the national park.