Eldoret and on to Uganda 069

In Eldoret we want to Naiberi Fish River Camp, which is led by an Indian named Raj. The site is beautiful, well maintained with a barbecue and we feel well, Tara also enjoys the atmosphere here.

Eldoret Again brake repair

The camp is our last stop in Kenya. Tomorrow we will go over the border into Uganda and come to Sipi Falls. Steffen wants to know, and has chosen the harder route, via Kitale to Uganda, and around Mt Elgon to Sipi Falls. I’m skeptical about this route, but we’ll see.

And already after a few kilometers, we need to change and reverse the route because the road is a disaster. So we have to take a small detour.

What we do not yet know – it is the day of detours.

In Kitale, we squeeze our way through the city, it is the last village before the border.

The road gets worse and worse, with deep washouts and harder surface. Actually unbelievable that this is a road that links two states.

We are approaching the border crossing. Uganda we are coming, we are already excited about what we can expect in this country.

The border crossing into Uganda was not a problem, we were warmly welcomed by the officers and pointed out the beauties of the country, Uganda is already sympathetic to us, as the officials left a friendly impression.

The post is situated in the nowhere and first we did not find the officers. A Lady living there showed us to the house where the officer lives. We knock at his door and tell him we wanted to enter. So he got reay and we walked back to the customs house. There he prepared everything stamped our passports and the important carnet de passage . Years later we learned that there is a more simple and cheaper solution for bringing the car in a country.