Selous National Park 087

On a wonderful road we go to the largest city in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is not the capital, as is often assumed, the capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, located in the south.

Soon we reach bustling Dar es Salaam. Dar, as it is called short, is a very modern city with three million inhabitants. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. Although it is not the capital, it is the political and economic center of the country, everything is controlled from here, all diplomatic missions have their headquarters here. We do not stay in Dar but go directly to the ferry, which connects the city with the southern beaches.

We will spend a night on the coast, because we want next day into Selous National Park.

Selous National Park
Road to Selous National Park

Selous National Park
I buy some Charcoal for cooking

First, it is quite good, we are able to race around the 78 km/h, but sometimes worse and deep sandy, and always leads through small villages. I almost run into a little child running around the track,good luck nothing happened. The last few meters before the Hippo Camp we hear elephants, but we do not see them.

Selous National Park
Hippo Camp outside of Selous National Park

We spend a wonderful evening at the river with a perfect sunset and typical jungle noises during the night. The next morning we discover from the campsite, a group hippos bathing in the river.

Selous National Park
Hippos at Selous National Park

We learn that the entrance fee proposed into Selous National Park is 180 U.S. dollars per day, which is too much and we return to the coast.

On our route back to Dar we stop along the road to organize a new stove for cooking. It is made from metal and clay and works similar to a barbecue grill with charcoal.

Selous National Park
Looking for a charcoal stove

In Dar es Salaam we still organize our visas to travel to Malawi and settle at Sunrise Beach Campsite.