Tanzania Campsites with GPS

Tanzania Campsites are on average more basic thus cheaper compared to other African countries.

Tanzania Campsites
Tanzania Campsite

Aqua Resort S4 48.323 E34 44.231 (Singida)

Arrow Glacier Camp S3 04.344 E37 20.177 (On Kilimanjaro)

Arusha Public Campsite #1 S3 14.526 E36 50.381 (Inside Arusha NP)

Arusha Public Campsite #2 S3 14.448 E36 50.340 (Inside Arusha NP)

Arusha Public Campsite #3 S3 14.867 E36 50.636 (Inside Arusha NP)

Arusha Resort Center S3 22.463 E36 41.605 (Arusha)

Bagamoyo Beach Resort S6 25.818 E38 54.202 (Outside Bagamoyo at the Beach)

Bagayo a Campsite S3 30.068 E35 46.902 (Inside Lake Manyara NP)

Bagayo B Campsite S3 30.509 E35 46.669 (Inside Lake Manyara NP)

Banda Kiganga Camp S7 39.836 E34 56.495 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Baobab Valley Camp S7 31.354 E36 36.002 (Outside Udzungwa Mountain NP at a river)

Baobab Valley campsite S7 31.784 E36 26.505 (Close to Ruaha)

Baranco Camp S3 05.685 E37 19.756 (Inside Kilimanjara NP)

Beach campsite Saandani National Park S6 01.587 E38 46.737 (Inside Saandani NP)

Beach Grab resort and Diving center S5 32.516 E38 58.087 (Close to Usongo Village – Situated idylically at the Beach under Palm trees and perfect Beach. Restaurant, electricity, Bar)

Beho Beho camp S7 40.427 E37 55.246 (Inside Selous Game Reserve)

Bongo Camp S9 12.765 E33 38.348 (Close to Kyimo village – Very nice camp, good food, very helpful people (Community camp), offer excursions)

Bora Beach Resort S6 26.811 E38 54.856 (Outside of Bagamoyo)

Camp River Side S6 37.766 E31 08.644 (Inside Katavi NP)

Camping Fort S2 37.907 E31 18.291 (Biharamulo)

Campsite S7 20.754 E37 06.697 (Inside Mikumi NP)

Campsite at waterfalls  S3 47.853 E35 41.305 (Close to Lake Manyara)

Campsite on lake S3 22.948 E36 47.373 (Lake Duluti – very idylic campsite)

Campsites (Segera Hotel) S5 19.501 E38 33.180 (Segera)

Catholic Seminary rest camp S10 39.408 E35 27.021 (Peramiho)

Chada Camp (Nomads) S6 56.151 E31 15.003 (Inside Katavi NP)

Chogela campsite S7 50.129 E35 05.260 (Outside Ruaha NP – site under trees with good shade, restaurant)

Coffee tree campsite S3 15.500 E37 31.052 (Outside Kilimanjaro NP – Very tidy campsite, toilet, shower,electricity)

Colobus Mountain Campsite S3 18.945 E36 52.649 (Outside Arusha NP)

Crater Camp S3 04.367 E37 21.083 (Inside Kilimanjaro NP)

Crocodile Camp S7 29.803 E36 34.636 (Outside Udzungwa NP at the river)

Dik Dik Campsite S2 25.256 E34 50.976 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Doffa Camp S3 21.150 E35 36.629 (Outside Ngorongoro NP – Large Site under tree, no restaurant, electricity, good starting point for visiting the NP for one day)

Elephant Motel’s Campsite S4 04.267 E37 45.053 (Same)

Endabash Public Campsite S3 34.066 E35 43.892 (Inside Lake Manyara NP)

Engaruka Ruins Campsite S2 59.620 E35 58.489 (Close to Oldonyo Lengai)

Far-South Beach rest camp S6 52.115 E39 27.368 (South of Dar Es Salaam at the Beach)

Flycatcher Camp Bologonja S1 44.154 E35 12.291 (Inside Srengeti NP)

Flycatcher Camp Ruaha S7 40.080 E34 58.693 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Foxes private camp S6 53.825 E31 09.607 (Inside Katavi NP)

Green Hill rest camp S5 05.337 E38 20.708 (close to Kiloza village)

Hembe Camp S2 14.461 E34 39.442 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Honey Badger Restcamp S3 21.094 E37 23.015 (Moshi)

Ikoma Gate Camping S2 11.451 E34 43.408 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Iringa campsite S8 08.764 E35 24.700 (Close to Ifunda)

Jakobsen Beach Camping S4 54.624 E29 35.928 (Kigoma)

Jongomeru Campsite S7 54.412 E34 34.202 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Jukumu Campsite S7 17.502 E37 50.736 (Kilengezi)

Karanga Camp S3 06.732 E37 21.257 (Inside Kilimanjaro NP)

Karatu Bushman Camp S3 20.696 E35 40.000 (Karatu)

Karibuni Centre Camping S8 54.559 E33 26.637 (Mbeya)

Katavi Campsite S6 39.181 E31 08.109 (Inside Katavi NP)

Katuma Tented Camp S6 53.209 E31 10.317 (Inside Katavi NP)

Keys Hotel Campsite S3 20.308 E37 20.813 (Moshi)

Kigelia Mobile Camp S7 33.492 E34 57.507 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Kijereshi Tented Camp S2 15.150 E34 00.657 (Outside Serengeti NP – large Camp, but sometimes no water)

Kilamatembo campsite S6 48.255 E37 42.988 (close to Morogoro)

Kilimatembo Camping Site S7 29.487 E37 37.196 (Kisaki)

Kilwa Masoko Seaview Resort S8 55.647 E39 31.304 (Kilwa Masoko)

Kim Beach Campsite S6 51.780 E39 24.669 (South of Dar Es Salaam – very beautiful situated at the beach under palm trees, toilet, but no other facilities, no water)

Kimboza Campsite S7 00.723 E37 48.841 (Close to Mikuyuni village)

Kipepeo Camp S6 51.102 E39 21.697 (South of Dar es Salaam)

Kipepeo Special Campsite  S3 50.457 E36 04.113 (Inside Tarangire NP)

Kitumbeine Campsite S2 49.695 E36 17.936 (Lake Natron area)

Kubu Kubu S2 22.123 E34 48.338 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Kudu Camp S3 20.868 E35 40.177 (Karatu)

Kuru Camp S2 24.758 E34 51.519 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Kusini Camp S3 01.376 E34 42.855 (Inside Serenget NP)

Kwihala Mobile Tented camp S7 36.855 E34 50.774 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Lake Eyasi Campsite S3 30.195 E35 23.189 (Close to Lake Eyasi)

Lakeshore Lodge Campsite S7 26.070 E30 35.530 (Lake Tanganyika)

Lakeview Campsite S3 40.295 E35 55.870 (Outside Lake Manyara)

Lava Tower Camp S3 04.085 E37 19.651 (Inside Kilimanjaro NP)

Lemala Private Campsite S3 07.933 E35 39.674 (Inside Ngorongoro Crater)

Lembeni Coffee Campsite S3 27.479 E37 32.122 (South of Himo Junction)

Lobo rest camp S2 00.005 E35 10.162 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Lyamungo Resort S3 15.165 E37 14.762 (Close to Namaru village)

Makadi Beach Campsite S7 38.484 E39 03.424 (Close to Bungu Village)

Makweta’s Wild Camp S9 23.277 E34 49.257 (South of Njombe)

Marangu Campsite S3 17.809 E37 31.489 (South of Kilimanjaro NP)

Masai campsite (Arusha) S3 23.116 E36 43.188 (Arusha – well operated campsite, bar, restaurant, electricity, shade, overlander meeting place)

Maserani Snake Park Camping S3 24.592 E36 28.997 (Close to Arusha – good camp)

Matema Lakeshore Resort S9 29.951 E34 00.997 ( at Lake Malawi)

Mbuzi Mawe Camp S2 13.329 E34 57.977 (Inside Serenget NP)

Melela Nzuri Campsite S6 56.649 E37 16.020 (Outside Mikumi NP – looks abandoned, but still has a caretaker, no electricity, no water, but nice people)

Migration Camp S1 55.628 E35 01.174 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Mikadi Campsite S6 49.142 E39 19.252 (South of Dar es Salaam – beautifully situated at the beach, restaurant not good value, electricity)

Mikandani campsites S10 16.947 E40 07.144 (Outside Mtwara at Sea)

Mikumi wildlife Camp S7 20.714 E37 08.150 (Inside Mikumi NP)

Millennium Beach Resort S6 26.851 E38 54.893 ( Outside Bagamoyo)

Mnarani Beach Resort S5 43.367 E39 18.277 (Zanzibar)

Mobile Camp S2 50.162 E34 59.762 (Inside Serenget NP)

Moivaro Campsite (Lake Natron) S2 37.602 E35 52.721 (Lake Natron)

Mosasa Riverside Campsite S7 32.806 E36 31.479 (Inside Udzwanda NP)

Msuni Campsite S3 14.692 E37 21.147 (Inside Kilimanjaro NP)

Musabi Camp S2 09.484 E34 13.126 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Mwagusi luxury camp S7 36.441 E34 55.691 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Mwanza Yacht Club / Camping S2 31.745 E32 53.652 (Mwanza – Very nice campsite situated at the lake with restaurant, electricity)

Ndabaka Campsite S2 11.631 E33 52.389 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Ndarakwai Fly Camp S3 00.765 E36 59.373 (Outside Kilimanjaro NP)

Ndutu Safari Lodge S3 01.207 E34 59.804 (Ndutu Lake)

Ngiri Official Camp S2 25.121 E34 51.478 (Inside Seengeti NP)

Ngorongoro Camp S3 20.128 E35 40.121 (Karatu)

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge (campsites) S3 14.368 E35 29.811 (Inside Ngorongoro NP)

Nguchiro Camp S2 25.313 E34 51.869 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Njari Campsite S3 13.948 E37 21.645 (Outside Kilimanjaro NP)

Nyamwilu Snake Park Campsite S7 50.169 E35 05.424 (Outside Ruaha NP)

Nyani Camp S2 25.205 E34 51.451 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Nyatwale Lake Victoria Campsite S2 09.495 E33 49.995 (Lake Victoria)

Nyegere Camp S2 25.272 E34 51.952 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Olakira Camp S2 24.932 E34 53.569 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Palahala Camp S6 48.681 E31 22.154 (Inside Katavi NP)

Panorama Safari Camp S3 22.812 E35 49.357 (Above Lake Manyara – Beautiful situated Camp with view down to the Lake, restaurant, electricity, friendly staff)

Paradise Beach Rest Camp S8 53.876 E39 31.074 (Kilwa Masoko – at the beach)

Paradise Campsite S3 43.766 E35 52.916 (Outside Lake Manyara NP – very nice camp under palm trees, electricity, no restaurant, shade)

Peponi Beach Resort S5 17.230 E39 03.936 (South of Tanga – very good campsite, Shade, very good and cheap restaurant, electricity, at the beach, car repair)

Pimbi Campsite Serengeti S2 25.304 E34 51.067 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Riverside Campsite S7 47.043 E35 41.340 (Iringa)

Riverside campsite S8 52.824 E34 05.832 (near Kitulo NP)

Riverside Rest Camp S7 47.872 E35 47.783 (Iringa)

Ruaha Camp #1 S7 40.719 E34 56.441 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Ruaha Old No1 Campsite S7 40.244 E34 51.548 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Ruaha River Camp S7 46.059 E34 52.302 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Rufiji River Camp S7 44.664 E38 11.641 (Inside Selous Game Reserve)

Sekimba Camp S2 58.398 E37 28.485 (Inside Kilimanjaro NP)

Serena Kirawira Tented Camp S2 12.521 E34 08.223 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Serengeti Tented Camp S2 10.173 E34 42.692 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Silver Sands Lodge S6 39.307 E39 12.705 (Close to Tegeta Village)

Simba Campsite A S3 13.688 E35 29.405 (On top of Ngorongoro Crater)

Simba Special Campsite B S3 13.407 E35 29.338 (On top of Ngorongoro Crater)

South beach Resort & Camping S6 51.243 E39 22.051 (South of Dar es Salaam)

Special Campsite S3 16.533 E36 53.806 (Inside Arusha NP)

Special Campsite S9 01.687 E33 54.344 (Inside Kitulo NP)

Sunrise Beach Campsite S6 51.033 E39 21.540 (South of Dar es Salaam – Good Campsite direct at the sandy beach, restaurant,bar, electricity, fishermen sell catch)

Tambo Campsite S3 18.519 E35 36.468 (Outside Ngorongoro NP)

Tan-Swiss Campsite S7 23.688 E37 00.090 (Mikumi – nice site run by a Swiss guy, good restaurant, high standard showers and toilets, electricity)

Tandala Tented camp S7 46.443 E35 00.801 (Outside Ruaha NP)

Tarangire Camp S3 46.230 E36 01.288 (Inside Tarangire NP)

Tarangire Np Public Campsite S3 46.759 E35 57.881 (Inside Tarangire NP)

Tarangire River Camp S3 47.453 E35 57.458 (Outside Tarangire NP)

Tembo campsite S4 45.949 E38 11.063 (Mkumbara)

The Old Farm House, Kisolanza S8 08.800 E35 24.718 (South of Iringa)

Togoro Special Campsite S2 09.239 E34 57.967 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Tourist Bandas S7 41.046 E34 56.130 (Inside Ruaha NP)

Treed Campsite S7 32.855 E36 31.542 (Outside Udzungwa NP)

Tumbili Camp S2 25.160 E34 51.652 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Turner Spring Camp S2 25.457 E34 55.846 (Inside Serengeti NP)

Twiga Campsite S3 22.471 E35 51.910 (Inside Lake Manyara NP)

Udzungwa Np Campsite S7 50.734 E36 52.904 (Inside Udzungwa NP)

Vuma Hill Tented Camp S7 23.423 E37 09.015 (Inside Mikumi NP)

Wasso Campsite S2 03.957 E35 33.326 (Loliondo – Lake Natron)

Waterfalls Campsite S2 38.296 E35 52.421 (Lake Natron)

Wild Fig campsite S3 22.332 E35 51.265 (Outside Lake Manyara NP)

Wild life accommodation/camping S3 16.294 E36 51.015 (Inside Arusha NP)

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