Tanzania rural 081

The next morning we are back on the road into rural Tanzania. We want into the Ngorongoro Crater, but must make a detour of several hundred kilometers because of Tara, as we do not dare to smuggle her into the national park again.

We expect three to five days time for the detour. The first day we make it to Mwanza. We hear that one can camp at the Yacht Club.

Tanzania rural
Tanzania rural – Mwanza

The view from the yacht club on Lake Victoria is beautiful. We can not enjoy it long, only quickly drink coffee, because today we must travel a long distance. Outside the club, we buy from street vendors or Mandasi, similar to doughnuts and chapati.

The road is good and we are progressing fast. Again and again, huge baobab trees by the roadside.

Tanzania rural
Baobab at Road to Singida

Half way we supplement our supplies with bananas. They are smaller here than in Europe, but much sweeter, which I prefer. I could eat tons of it.

Central Tanzania is fairly flat and very dry. The area is also very sparsely populated. Tara is bored and hot, she does not like long car rides. We can find a place where she can get out and do her business.

Peanuts are sold at the roadside. We stop. We are immediately besieged by countless hands. Everyone wants to sell his goods. Tara does not like this and is defending the car.

The peanuts purchased are not peanuts, we have absolutely no idea what this is, we taste, not too bad, but do not really know if you eat it raw, or roasted, or if you have to cook the grains. In any case, we can make it on this day to Singida, where we camp in the parking lot of the guesthouse.