Lake Albert 074

Sunset on Lake Albert. Idyllic. We find a place to stay in a guesthouse. Camping on the lawn, showers provided for us in a bungalow. With a sundowner we enjoy the atmosphere.

Lake Albert
Lake Albert Sunset
Lake Albert
Campsite Lake Albert

In the morning we continue another 100 kilometers, we will again stay at the Albert Lake. The track is not bad, so we should arrive by early afternoon.

Banana Express

Over a mountain range we come down to the level of the Lake Albert. The pass looks harmless, but it is difficult to drive .The area is sparsely populated, so we might as well camp free, but first we want to try it in a lodge.

Lake Albert
Lake Albert Roadside Shopping

Through tall grass we drive on a hill, where a hotel is signposted. We can camp in front of the hotel, get electricity and hot showers.

Lake Albert
Lake Albert Campsite

A short time after our arrival we get visitors. Two guys in uniform came to us and asked for our passports. We could not find out wheter these is Police, Customs or Military. They asked what we are doing in this remote area and we explained that we are on a trip from Europe to South Africa. I am not sure if he believed this but handed over our passports and left. The Hotel owner had no clue why they were here and how they found out about us in such a short time.

Lake Albert
Lake Albert – Fishing village view from the campsite.

The view is wonderful. We’re looking at a traditional village, no new construction disturb the visual appearance, in the background Lake Albert.

The next day should bring us to Fort Portal. But the jungle track does not look for fast driving. In the short term, we doubt whether we are correct, but there is no other way.

Lake Albert
Jungle Road

The jungle track gets narrow and overgrown, we consider what we do with oncoming traffic, let’s see if we meet other vehicles at all. It is always wet and we start to slip a bit.

After a few hours we made it. We turn onto a wide track. On both sides tea cultivation, as far as the eye can see.

Tea Plantation

We have not heard about tea cultivation in Uganda, did never try it, therefore we do not know how it tastes. In any case, it is interesting to look more closely at the plant.

The roads in Uganda are generally quite good, because they are often repaired. With great Caterpillars the loose material is pushed away from the road and the surface is made ​​flat, then it is smooth and allows speeds up to 100km / h.

uganda roads
Good Roads in Uganda

We stop again, this time to buy bananas. The fruits here are small and very sweet taste and taste really like bananas, totally different than in Europe. The seller can not take it to carry the goods up to the car. We say goodbye and go further.