Travel Tunisia – Overnight close to Tunis 002

The travel Tunisia has began. The ferry from Palermo to Tunis takes about nine hours. We have a lot of fun with the two couples from Germany. We talk about past travel adventures to pass the time.

The ferry

The ferry route between Palermo, Italy, and Tunis, Tunisia, is a popular and convenient way to travel between these two Mediterranean destinations.

The journey typically begins at the port of Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. The port is easily accessible by road and public transportation. Travelers should arrive at the port well in advance of the departure time. To complete ticketing and boarding procedures takes time.

The ferry ride from Palermo to Tunis crosses the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of the open waters during the journey.

The ferry docks at the port of Tunis, the capital and largest city of Tunisia. Upon arrival, travelers have easy access to transportation options, including taxis and buses. From here you can explore Tunis and other parts of Tunisia.

The duration of the ferry journey between Palermo and Tunis can vary. Depending on the specific ferry service chosen, it typically takes several hours. Ferries operating on this route are equipped with various facilities, including restaurants, lounges, and sometimes even entertainment options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Traveling by ferry between Palermo and Tunis allows passengers to experience the rich cultural diversity of both Italy and Tunisia. From the Italian cuisine and architecture in Palermo to the vibrant markets and historical sites in Tunis, there’s much to explore. It’s advisable to book ferry tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred departure time.

Ferry schedules may vary throughout the year. It’s essential to check with the ferry operators for the most up-to-date information. Overall, the Palermo to Tunis ferry route provides a convenient and enjoyable way to connect Southern Italy with Northern Africa. It’s a gateway to experiencing the unique charm and heritage of both regions while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Campsite near Tunis

We are travelling with Seabridge, a German tour operator, which has specialized in tours of this kind. At the campsite, near Tunis, we make ourselves comfortable. We wait for the tour leaders and the fourth vehicle, a Mercedes truck carrying Achim and Ingrid. They will arrive during the next few days.

Travel Tunisia
Campsite near Tunis

Daily Life

One of our most important pieces of equipment is the Coleman two flame fuel stove. Patrol, because the fuel is available everywhere.

Guido and Heidi travel Tunisia with a VW Synchro, which is very comfortable and self-contained. It is a four-wheel vehicle with modified suspension and large 16 inch wheels.

Although we will be travelling as a group, everyone is going for themselves. In the evening there is a route meeting, where the next part of the route is discussed. In the morning everybody leaves in their own time. During the early evening we meet at an agreed place for the night or wait together at sights.

Our dog is used to travel and enjoys being on the road. Suspiciously, she watches the dog from the campsite who keeps lazy in the shade to hold his morning nap.

Our vehicle

At the back door of our Citroen we fixed a jerry can. Further ones we stored inside to have a range of approximately 1000 kilometres, this will be the longest stretch without a gas station.

The laundry must be washed by hand, mostly because washing machines are rare, and if they are existing, usually only with cold water.

Our guides

Our guides Joachim and Renate have arrived with their Toyota. The Mercedes truck with Ingrid and Achim has arrived as well. Now we are complete. We did not know at this time that we soon would not see the group any more.