Usambara Mountains 084

Usambara Mountains are our next major destination. But before we continue from Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha. In the city itself, we take advantage of the great variety of goods to replenish our stocks.

Usambara Mountains
Kilimanjaro near Arusha Tanzania

Arusha is a bustling center with many travel agents and agencies, because Arusha is the starting point for ascents of Kilimanjaro. Many people think that Kilimanjaro is in Kenya, but in fact it is completely in Tanzania but can be seen nicely as well from Kenya.

To Killimanjaro
Public transport to Kilimanjaro

We have been lucky and see Mount Kilimanjaro. Cloud-free, which is rarely the case. We will stay at its base, on a small mountain road up just before the entrance to the park there is a nice campground. We use the time until the evening to control the oil, air filter to clean and perform minor maintenance.

Usambara Mountains
Campsite near Kilimanjaro Entrance

From Kilimanjaro we head south. We want to stay in the Usambara mountains, but before we camp at the Pangani river.

Usambara Mountains
Everything is carried on the head

The camp is again simple but idyllic situated, next to the river, we enjoy the quiet atmosphere, see unusual birds and see Bush babies in the trees.

Usambara Mountains
Pangani River Campsite

Pangani River
Wonderful view from the campsite

Over a small mountain road, it goes up to 2,000 meters. With pleasant cool mountain forests, they provide a contrast to the hot, dusty Maasai savannah. We go up to Irente View Point Hotel, where you can also camp.

Usambara Mountains
Usambara Mountains – Campsite Irente

Usambara Mountains a little bit look like Austria, but no worries, we do not feel homesick. Especially not in the evening when it got pretty cold.

We set up comfortably and meet a guide who we agree on a hike the next day.

With him, we come across a brick factory, where hand-made ​​clay tiles are made. A rather interesting thing.

Usambara Mountains
brick factory

Our guide shows us a plant whose fruit is used for abortions.

Usambara Mountains
Abortion Fruit

From a rocky outcrop at dizzying heights, we see the Irente View Point Hotel, which was itself built on a rocky outcrop.

Usambara Mountains
Usambara Mountains outlook

In the depth you can see large sisal plantations that were created in the German colonial period. Although sisal is still planted yet, it has lost its imortance because of the nylon fiber.

Our guide finds a Chameleon. Africans fear the Chameleon, because there are so many strange stories around it.

Usambara Mountains

We enjoyed quite a while, the beautiful sunset.