Bujagali Falls – no longer exist 071

Next destination: “Bujagali Falls”. In the morning we start early. We only have tarmac ahead, so it should go fast. We leave Mount Elgon. In the nearest major town we need a money exchange and a SIM – card.

We wander around a bit, we need a bank to change our Kenyan Shilling to Uganda Shilling, and the SIM – card for the telephone.

Soon everything is done, shopping done and we are back on tour.

We want to buy fruit and vegetables, stop at the left side, because we drive here on the other side of the road as in Europe, and look what the stands offer.

Most traders come to the car and want to sell their goods. That is always turbulent and loud, everybody cries through the crowd, but it is always great fun.

Of course, we must bargain, the courtesy in East Africa demands that. So we play the game and in the end it is usually a trade, once you make a bargain, other times you will loose. This is Africa.

In another city, we stop to organize charcoal. It is sold on the roadside, usually in big 20 kg bags, but you can also have smaller portions.

Steffi and I look at the different lots, there are different sized portions and the price does not seem to correspond with the amount offered. We select two portions that provide the best price / performance ratio. No, Africa is not logical.

After a short time we are in Jinja, at the Bujagali Falls and find a great campsite, next to the rapids.

Bujagali Falls
Bujagali Falls – Campsite

Tara relaxes immediately, for her it was a long day.

Bujagali Falls
Bujagali Falls

Actually, they are rapids and not waterfalls, which the Nile forms coming from Lake Victoria. Very popular here is rafting and some lodges and campsites offer rafting. On the shore, there are numerous water birds, we will stay here for a few days.

Bujagali Falls
Bujagali Falls

Spontaneously a group of young people starts making music and dancing.