Uganda Campsites with GPS

Uganda Campsites are commonly available especially in the National Parks and at touristic attractions.

Uganda Campsites

Adrift Rafting  – (rafting & bungee jumping) N0 27.679 E33 10.573 (Bujagali Falls)

Amabere Caves Community campsite N0 40.474 E30 13.460 (Amabere Caves – nice spot, electricity,showers)

Anyama, Idp Camp N2 49.024 E32 20.277 (Close to Gulu)

Auxillary campsite N2 16.633 E31 33.796 (Murchinson Falls NP)

Backpacker Campsite N0 13.063 E30 00.010 (Ruwenzori NP)

Backpackers Cottage Camp S0 21.804 E31 42.873 (Close to Masaka)

Backpackers Hostel and Camping (Kampala) N0 18.466 E32 33.044 (Kampala)

Budadirin Camping N1 10.276 E34 20.136 (Outside Mt.Elgon NP)

Buhoma Community Rest Camp S0 59.196 E29 36.991 (Outside Bwindi NP)

Bumaga campsite N0 49.323 E30 09.550 (Semuliki NP outside the park, but organized by the NP authority, very nice place in the forest, showers,toilets, no electricity)

Bunyoni Overland Resort S1 16.297 E29 56.350 (Lake Bunyoni)

Busingiro Ecotourism site and campsite N1 42.943 E31 28.212 (Close to Biso near Lake Albert – very basic site but situated in rainforest. Showers do not work, toilets basic)

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Campsite S1 03.078 E29 46.692 (Biwindi NP)

Campsite and Bandas N1 49.289 E31 19.363 (Lake Albert – nice camp at the lake, you get a key for a room with shower, toilet, electricity)

Campsite at Palan Upe Reserve Office N1 41.368 E34 35.020 (Pian Upe Game Reserve)

Camping and bandas at Mt.Elgon N1 20.150 E34 24.874 (Mt.Elgon NP)

Camping At Zoo N0 03.015 E32 28.497 (Entebbe 5US$ pP)

Campsite outside Mgahinga NP S1 21.141 E29 39.701 (Mgahinga National Park)

Campsite at Sebagoro N1 26.560 E30 55.009 (Lake Albert)

Campsite in Queen Elizabeth NP S0 10.468 E29 56.015 (Queen Elizabeh NP)

Campsite – Kidepo Valley Np N3 43.739 E33 41.364 (Inside Kidepo Valley NP)

Campsite (great views and banda) N3 41.939 E33 43.983 (Inside Kidepo Valley NP)

Campsite (Timton hotel) N0 26.305 E33 11.969 (Jinja – inside the town in green garden)

Campsite with facilities N2 16.573 E31 41.374 (Inside Murchinson Falls NP)

Crater Valley Kibale Lodge and campsite N0 29.859 E30 19.861 (Lake Nyabikere – good campsite, restaurant, showers very basic, electricity)

Fig Tree Camp (Chimp Tracking) S0 11.299 E30 06.091 (It is NOT a campsite as other sites say, it is a ranger station)

Good Campsite Katonga N0 13.039 E30 53.165 (Katonga Game Reserve – bucket shower)

Gorilla Resort Campsite S0 58.931 E29 36.991 (Outside Biwindi NP)

Hikers Camping N1 21.293 E34 38.285 (Outside Mt.Elgon NP)

Hikers Camping N1 13.084 E34 43.819 (Outside Mt.Elgon NP – Close to Border – custom officers say it DOES NOT exist any more)

Hippo Camp S0 08.473 E29 53.265 (Outside Queen Elisabeth NP – Very new tented camp with campsite facilities, view over Lake Albert, no electricity)

Hornbill Campsite S0 18.729 E32 17.422 (on Ssesse Island)

Ishasa wild camp S0 32.951 E29 43.252 (Inside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Ishasha Campsite S0 38.145 E29 40.421 (Inside Virunga NP)

Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp S0 35.493 E29 43.968 (Inside Ruwenzori NP)

Ishasha River Camp S0 37.141 E29 39.689 (Inside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Ishasha-Ntungwe River Camp S0 36.836 E29 39.427 (Inside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Jacana camp S0 17.106 E30 03.028 (Inside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Ruhija Camp S1 02.813 E29 46.513 (Inside Biwindi NP)

Jinja Nile Resort N0 27.501 E33 10.737 (Bujagali Falls)

Kanyanchu Rest Camp N0 26.260 E30 23.744 (Inside Kibale NP)

Karuka Camp N1 52.109 E31 29.469 (Lake Albert – NO LONGER EXISTS)

Lake Albert Lodge and campsite N1 29.834 E30 55.963 (Lake Albert – Kyehoro Village – very nice manager, electricity, showers, very helpful staff)

Lake Kasenda Beach Camping N0 26.792 E30 17.606 (Lake Kasenda – very beautiful spot at the Crater Lake – good walking, restaurant,electricity, be careful, when rainy the way out is very steep and muddy)

Lake Kitandara Campsite S0 59.084 E29 36.972 (Outside Biwindi NP)

Moses Camp N1 20.139 E34 22.479 (Sipi Falls)

Muko Campsite S1 12.763 E29 49.778 (Lake Bunyonyi)

Murchison Falls Campsite N2 16.650 E31 41.217 (Inside Murchinson Falls NP)

Nile Perch Explorers Campsite N0 29.039 E33 09.818 (Bujagali Falls)

Nile safari camp N2 15.140 E31 31.199 (Outside Murchinson Falls – nice site on a mountain with view on the Nile River, Basic showers and toilets, restaurant in walking distance with restaurant)

Nkuruba Campsite N0 31.119 E30 18.133 (Lake Nukuruba – Beautiful situated with view into the crater – simple restaurant with good food)

Ntoroko Campsite N1 03.434 E30 32.737 (Lake Albert – Semiliki NP)

Nweya Campsite S0 11.800 E29 54.073 (Inside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Nyanziibiri Traditional Campsite S0 15.653 E30 07.365 (Outside Queen Elizabeth NP)

Nyinabulitwa Resort N0 30.349 E30 19.610 (Crater Lakes)

Queen Elizabeth Safari Campsite S0 12.844 E30 06.013 (Outside Queen Elizabeth NP – Very nice tiny campsite, very clean, good shower and toilet, food on demand, electricity (Generator))

Rabonga Ranger Camp N2 04.485 E31 52.003 (Inside Murchinson Fall NP)

Red Chilli Rest Camp N2 16.651 E31 33.889 (Inside Murchinson Falls NP – book in Kampala)

Red Chilli Hideway Campsite N0 19.208 E32 37.800 (Kampala – Overlander meeting place, restaurant,electricity,showers)

Ruboni Community Camp N0 20.538 E30 02.743 (Outside Ruwenzori NP – Nice little Camp with Restaurant,Bar,Electricity, hot shower)

Ruhija camp S1 12.753 E29 49.888  (Lake Bunyonyi)

Ruhija Community Rest Camp S1 02.621 E29 46.529 (Inside Biwindi NP)

Ruwenzuri Turaco Campsite N0 20.773 E30 02.105 (Outside Ruwenzori NP)

Rwonyo Rest Camp S0 38.117 E30 58.206 (Lake Mburo)

Sipi Falls Crows Nest Resort N1 20.108 E34 22.157 (Sipi Falls)

Speke Campsite N0 28.978 E33 09.459 (Bujagali Falls – very nice campsite at the rapids, restaurant,showers,electricity)

Tullow Main Camp N2 06.721 E31 25.923 (Bulisa – outside Murchinson NP)

Twalight Camping N1 20.068 E34 22.244 (Sipi Fall – very beautiful Campsite with view of the falls, shower, toilet, electricity, they cook on demand)

Uwa Bandas N3 44.110 E33 43.707 (Inside Kidepo NP)

Uwa Camp N0 38.682 E30 23.103 (Outside Kibale Forest NP – very nice place, you get key for rooms with shower,toilet,electricity, Howler Monkeys!)

Virunga Campsite S1 16.933 E29 41.387 (Kisoro)

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