Tiwi Beach 062

We have heard of Tiwi Beach. So we leave Nairobi. We want to the coast south of Mombasa to Diani Beach. The road is in perfect condition and we are making good progress. The traffic is dense for African standards, and they drive like crazy, they drive with Jesus and God, because so nothing can happen. Although the road is good we make an overnight stop in Voi at the border of the National Park.

Camping in Voi

Along the way we supplement our supplies at street stalls. Soon the Taita Hills come into view, we have made half the distance to the coast, the weather is worse, it announces the rainy season. After the ferry in Mombasa it rains, but tropical rains do not last long, however, and so the sun is shining, when we arrive in paradise in Tiwi Beach.

Tiwi Beach
Rainy Season

Twiga Lodge is fantastic – green grass, white sandy beach under palm trees, Indian Ocean, a small restaurant, it could be our invention.

Tiwi Beach
Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach
Tiwi Beach

We get to know Bruno and Ursula, two long-term travelers who are traveling for five years. We cook together and share travel tips.

Meeting a German Couple.

Next morning rainy season hits us again, with hours of heavy rain. Never mind, let’s stay in the van. The rain came as fast, as its over now, and already we have bought our dinner from a fisherman, he filleted the fish on the spot.

Looks delicious, and will end up in the pan. Idi, the caretaker, rounds off the matter with a coconut and introduces us to the art of eating coconut.

Fisher man preparing our dinner

Not only mom have to taste, dad has to take a sip as well, that is how people in Eastern Africa address us foreigners.

Another fisherman offers squid. Also, it will end in the pan.

So we defend our dinner against the monkeys. The coconut,we had to leave to the monkey, it was faster. A crab logs for dinner, but it leaves us better, otherwise it ends up in the pan as well.

So we enjoy our dinner under the palm trees, it could not be better, if Tara were not feeling worse and worse. In a cloak and dagger emergency operation the uterus must get out, otherwise she would bleed to death.

Tiwi Beach
Tara still dizzy after the operation

Paradise is relative, but we are lucky and by the skill of Dr. Peter she survived the surgery. A few days later, he removed the stitches. She is still wobbly, but on the way to recovery. We extend our stay at Twiga Lodge, to give her time to recover, there are worse places to spend your time.