Axum 052

The fallen stela was already broken at the time of its construction. Stelae are markers of tombs. Over time they have developed into high-rise buildings decorated with entrance door and floors, similar to the houses as they are found in Yemen.

Axum Stelae

The major Aksum monuments in the town are the steles, which can be seen already from the distance. These obelisks date back 1,700 years and are for sure the identity of the Ethiopians. The bigger site is the Northern Stelae Parkwith the Great Stele reaching 33 metres in the heights and it is said that it has fallen and broken already during construction.  The Obelisk of Axum was robbed by the Italian army in 1937, and returned to Ethiopia in 2005 and reerected in 2008.  The 2nd tallest is the King Ezana’s Stele with 24 metres in height. Three other stelae are 18.2 m, 15.8 m and 15.3 m (50 ft) high. The stelae mark graves The Gudit Stelae to the west of town, unlike the northern area, are interspersed with mostly 4th century tombs.

Axum – Kids collect water

We are more interested in the carts with the yellow and red tanks. They transport water from the river or pond, because there is no running water in the houses of Axum.

Public water transport

We leave Axum north from here there is brand new tarmac and it is a pleasure to glide through the beautiful landscape.