Namibia to Cape Town, South Africa Finally 116

We are on our way from Namibia to Cape Town, South Africa again. This time with better infos from our friends in Oppi Koppi. At the local Vet there we got a so called “movement paper” for Tara, where you can cross border easily. So we leave Oppi Koppi and go direction South Africa.

In the South of Namibia we stay at the Keetmanshoop Geras Park Camp Site, a simple but idyllic campsite in the middle of quiver trees.

Namibia to Cape Town
Quiver Tree Campsite, Namibia

The quiver tree loves rocky hilly regions. Its straight trunk opens to a surprisingly symmetrical circular crown of branches that are pointed at the ends of tough leaves. Trunk and branches are spongy in which the aloe water is stored.

Namibia to Cape Town
quiver tree

The next day we have crossed the border into South Africa at Onsekamp. Namibia to Cape Town, we are coming! This time we were smarter and have used a secondary border crossing. No one was interested in Tara, no one wanted to see the Movement paper.

After the gravel road we stopped in Poffadder a little town at the campsite. We were really tired .

Namibia to Cape Town
Road to Springbok, South Africa

Everything fine and we head on to Springbok. We pass Springbok. From now on, it’s just direction to the south. We drive through the Namaqua country, unfortunately at the wrong time, so we do not see the sea of ​​flowers.

Namibia to Cape Town
Namaqua Land

We are tired and stay at Citrusdal at the campsite. We were already close to our final destination so we thought about our near future and what we will do for the next years. Going back by plane? Tara was already very old to fly. Getting another car and travel on in Africa? Shipping to South America. Lots of ideas. The owner of Citrusdal campsite was interested in our camper van but it turned quickly out that we could not sell the car in South Africa, because of import regulations.

Namibia to Cape Town
Finally Cape Town – the End? – NO

Next day we drive on. At around noon we arrive in Cape Town at Joachim and Tina’s place.

We drive into the suburbs of Cape Town and see the first time the famous Table Mountain. We have made ​​it. We had driven from Austria with a two-wheel drive camper van through Africa to Cape Town. We have traveled about 40,000 kilometres and it has taken us a year and six months. Granted we were not the fastest.

In the district of Milnerton we stay with Joachim and Tina, and they show us Cape Town.

We had made it. It is 02.05.2011 and we had started on 29.10.2009. In the beginning of our trip it did not look like we will ever reach Cape Town. But in the end we believed in our dream and made it.