Maasai village – a visit with a friend 067

The next day we visit with Patrick, his Maasai village.

Maasai village
Patrick and me walking to his Maasai Village

We march through the bush, which is not without danger as the walk is about 5 km through the bush, the real bush and you can never be sure wether behind the next bush a lion, a hyena or even worse a leopard is hidind or not. The leopard is even more dangerous as it takes everything as a prey and it is rather sileńt. At least you do not realize for a long time when you are killed. The Maasai are not afraid as they live there and are used to the danger. They claim that they can scare off wild animals and some Maasai say that they know the red cloth they wear and are afraid. We hope they really know the red clothes.

On the way to his village, he shows us some interesting things, like the toothbrush tree, from its branch they gain the twigs to brush their teeth. With this stick, the teeth are scrubbed, without paste, the tree is said to have cleansing power.

Patrick makes a tooth brush
Maasai village
Maasai tooth brush

Soon we arrive at Patrick’s manyatta and the young warriors begin to dance for us.

Maasai village
Maasai village

The guys enjoy dancing and dance whenever there is the least possibility to do so. In competition they jump up into the air and compete who is the one that jums highest.

Maasai village
Maasai village, women dance

The dance of the women is more calm but not less interesting and beautiful to watch.

The manyatta consists of several mud houses that are built around a square. The whole manyatta is surrounded with bushes to keep wild animals outside and domestic animals inside. We can look at a house in more detail.

As a farewell even the Masai women dance for us.

Maasai village

Back at the lodge, we end the day quietly, for tomorrow we must move on.