Jungle Junction Nairobi 061

We leave Isiolo to Nairobi, and at the height of Mount Kenya we cross the equator for the first time, we have to take a picture of course. It is not every day you cross the equator.

Jungle Junction Nairobi
Crossining the Equator

Passing Naro Moro, a small town with little infrastructure, we get to the Rift Valley on very good roads, and after a few hours drive, we are already in the city bustle of Nairobi, where we settle down at a campsite called Jungle Junction, which is led by Chris, because we have a problem again. Our shock absorber suspension is broken.

Jungle Junction Nairobi
Jungle Junction Nairobi after the rain, Tara enjoys the rest.

While the mechanics are sorting out the damage, we take a taxi and visit Nairobi sights. Our goal is the tower of the Kenyatta International Centre, from where you have a good view over Nairobi.

Jungle Junction Nairobi
Center of Nairobi

From an altitude of 105 meters, we can see modern Nairobi spreading, with high-rise buildings that form the city center.

When I was first in Nairobi in the 1980ies the Tower did not exist and not a single of the skyscrapwer, not even tarmac on the roads.

Nairobi from above with guide, that should prevent people from jumping down.

In front of the building there is a statue of the founder Jomo Kenyatta.His eyes are directed at the parliament building with clock tower.

Jungle Junction Nairobi
Jomo Kenyatta, the founder of Kenya

When we arrive back at Jungle junction we learn that there are no shock absorbers available for a citroen. NOT AGAIN – DHL from Europe. So I decide to take the mechanics and go for a search myself. In Nairobi there is a quarter that is dedicated only to spare parts shops, little shops run by Indian People and thhey are highly spezialized we go from shop to shop and tell them our problem. In one shop we were lucky we got a used one but highly expensive, as these are rare. At least we got one. Our idea to get a Land Rover gets stronger and stronger. Back at the campsite the mechanics fixes the part and voila it fits.

Jungle Junction Nairobi
Jungle Junction Nairobi – Sibille and Wolfgang ( the ones from Buffalo Springs NP) are leaving

We want to visit the Maasai market in Nairobi. Much to the disadvantage of the tourists, the market is well organized. It is a local market and is managed by the community. When you approach the market, you immediately are accompanied by a guy that presses a bag in your hand and walks through the market with you. Things you want to buy you put into that bag, also if the vendors are different,and at the end you are led behind a bush where you pay. There starts the bargainin, the tourist looses the battle in any case, leaving the market with goods you do not need and are overprized. The best is you leave your money at the Hotel.

Masai Market Nairobi