Tsavo East National Park 064

Just before sunset we reached Voi next to Tsavo East National Park, we are dog-tired, and we checked into the Red Elephant Lodge. Tomorrow we have to go to a garage.

The specialists say that the tank was completely destroyed, demounted it, though they can not fix it. So the whole thing is put back in and the diesel is filled into the tank again. Oddly, the tank does not leak anymore. Obviously only the hose into the tank or from the tank was loose and now is tightened again. In any case, the action continues until the afternoon. It is too late to continue, so back to the Red Elephant Lodge.

Tsavo East National Park
Red Elephant Lodge

We have once again good luck. Red elephants gather at the water hole and we can easily observe them from the lodge. It is a herd of cows with calfs. The mothers are indeed alarmed by our presence, but not particularly worried.

Tsavo East National Park

The bungalows of the lodge overlooking the water hole are built in typical style of Africa. After the elephants were gone, another squad Baboons comes to the water hole.

In the morning we start early. We pack our things, Sven and Nadine are already in Nairobi, we want to go to Tsavo West National Park, not to Tsavo East National Park .

Tsavo East National Park

After a short time outside of Voi, we see an elephant bull.

We drive all day and evening, we reached the gate, with a broken stabilizer. The mechanic repaired it during the night, so we can spend the night at the gate and early morning, with permission for Tara, we could enter the park.

Tsavo West National Park
Tsavo West Gate

We soon see a marabou stork and enjoy the rugged beauty of the Tsavo National Park. The western part has the most visitors, though the numbers have declined sharply due to high ticket prices. The landscape here is varied and appealing to the perennial leading Tsavo River. The landscape consists of rolling plains and dense riverine forest.

marabou stork
Marabou Stork

We remain a bit on the river and enjoy the silence, hoping that the animals come to the water.

After a while we give up and drive to Mzima Springs. Shortly before the springs an ostriche crosses our way.

We stop and can see it still in the thick bush.