Kampala – Stop Over 072

After a few days we go on to Kampala. But before we need beef, a kg costs about 5 U.S. dollars. Steffi and Alexandra go shopping. At a stall there is a lovely piece of meat hanging, not a beef filet but this meat is very good for steak as well. Since Egypt, we know where the steak is in the cow.

Kampala we are coming

We prefer to buy from the street butchers over supermarkets, in spite of flies because the meat is fresh and is sold very quickly. Alexandra is surrounded by small children, the most stare at her long blond hair.

Waiting for our wives.

At another stall, they organize vegetables – locals watching the scenery, white people rarely buy at these stalls. We cross over Bujagali dam, which was built in 2007, with electric power plant and 30-meter high dam, because we want to the so-called source of the Nile. After the bridge Police, of course they are curious, look at every thing in detail, but are friendly. They let us drive on without hassle.

The construction of the dam has changed a lot. It was a greater intervention in the ecosystem and the rapids have changed. The rafting companies will have to move downstream.

Behind the dam, we turn off, and Steffi and Alexandra are positioned in front of the source of the Nile, for a photograph.

Here, where the Nile emerges from Lake Victoria, the source of the White Nile is supposed.

In Kampala, we check in at Red Chilli camp. Curious is the giant pig that will even get bigger by Steffi’s food gift. It is the attraction here, and every guest wants to pet it.

Kampala is a surprisingly modern city, with a variety of shopping centers, mostly South African chains, like Shoprite have settled here.