Aswan Car Repair 034

With Ashraf we go to Aswan, at the Mercedes, the oils must be changed and seals have to be renewed. The road is not paved, and the dust is terrible, I wonder how people can survive here in this dust.

Again the ferry comes to my mind. Today is Wednesday, the ferry will start Monday, we still need to go to the ferry office, I would like to try that Tara is with us on the passenger ferry, or I can go with her on the pontoon. If we do not find a solution, we will return and our goal Cape Town has failed. We do not want the animal to suffer. There are still some formalities to be done. Our Sudan visa had expired by the delay with our diesel problems in Tunisia, and must be renewed. Then we have to be unsubscribe from Egyptian immigration and bring back the number plates to the police. Still a lot to do!

But for now the truck has to be maintained.

Aswan Car repair
Aswan Car Repair

Ashraf is a respected person in his village, almost like a village chief and has many contacts, also knows a lot of people in Aswan. He knows a good workshop he brings us there. Furthermore, we learn that the captain of the pontoon, where Tara would have to go with, is his Cusin, and he would talk to him so that he takes care of our dog. Feed her, give water and go for a walk on the pontoon. This gives us hope.

For centuries, Aswan was Egypt’s southernmost city and the gateway to Africa and to the now flooded Nubia. Moreover, it was a prosperous trading center on the crossroads of ancient caravan routes, which can unfortunately not be seen today. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is relaxed here, and all travelers who want to continue to Africa, must stay here a few days for a break and wait for the ferry.

Aswan has about 500,000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest city of Egypt. Rain is very rare in Aswan and can even fail over decades. The temperatures are high here, from June to August to well over 40 degrees centigrades, even in January, the temperatures are climbing to 25 degrees. Due to the absence of rain, the whole city is enveloped by a layer of dust, people have learned to live with it, we learned as well.

We are the garage and the workshop appears to be well equipped. Bodo goes to work immediately and checks the oil levels.

It should be replaced engine oil and filter, gear oils and axle oils must be renewed and a seal must be replaced, because here, the truck loses oil.

Ashraf is very helpful and translates between Bodo and the mechanics. Spare parts are of course not in stock, also there is no oil, all this needs to be bought before.

While the discussions are in progress and the mechanics get the parts, Ashraf proposes to go to a canteen to have lunch.

Aswan Car repair

We are admired here because foreigners never eat here. The food is excellent and consists of sauces, stews, bread and eggs.

Tara is waiting in the camper van

Ashraf has a felucca and we agree with him, to spend a day with the felucca on the Nile.

Back in the workshop, the truck is almost ready, everything was done properly and we are glad that everything worked out.

Now it goes back to the campsite to the other bank of the Nile, from here we will start our felucca sail tomorrow.