Kenya Campsites with GPS

Kenya campsites are availaible in the more touristic areas. Bush Camping is possible and allowed for one night, but not recommended in densly populated areas. It show also be avoided at the West side of Lake Turkana, because of frequent hijacking. Camping inside the Nationalparks is rather expensive, but there are also campsites available outside the parks, which we stat in the brackets.

Kenya Campsites
Campsite in Marsabit

Aberdares Rest Camp S0 22.402 E36 53.395 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Acacia Camp – Maasai Mara S1 35.824 E35 23.071 (Inside Masai Mara NP)

Acacia Campsite N0 11.783 E36 06.503 (Inside Lake Bogoria NP)

Africa Inland Church campsite N3 08.121 E37 25.592 (Kalacha – North Kenya)

Baraka Camp S1 27.655 E35 16.057 (OUTSIDE Masai Mara NP)

Batain’s View Campsite S0 10.819 E37 04.527 (Outside Mount Kenya NP – nice place owned by an American. Hiking tours to Mount Kenya. Hot Showers, electricity, Food can be prepared, basic Kenya Campsites)

Bbc Camp N4 24.025 E35 09.210 (near Kaleeng)

Bondhei Campsite S1 49.688 E40 40.951 (Shower, Toilet, North Kenya)

Bushbaby Resort S3 14.919 E40 07.210 (Malindi)

Bwatherongi Public campsite and bandas N0 09.880 E38 12.602 (Inside Mt.Meru NP)

Camp Lokichar N4 12.646 E34 22.102 (North west Kenya)

Camp Turkana N3 38.515 E36 13.145 (East of Lake Turkana – Inside Sibiloi NP)

Camping Wildlife Service N3 31.111 E39 03.027 (Moyale on Kenyan side – nice little Camp, Bandas available, Electricity, Cold Shower,Shade, good starting point for Moyale Road to Marsabit)

Kenya Campsites Tiva River S2 25.957 E38 26.583 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Kenya Campsites (Aruba West) S1 26.439 E35 12.440 (Outside Masai Mara – Talek Gate)

Kenya Campsites Longonot S0 53.554 E36 28.335 (Inside Logonot NP)

Campsite at Lake Naivasha S0 45.795 E36 25.445 (Outside Lake Naivasha NP)

Kenya Campsites N1 05.646 E35 07.088 (Inside Saiwa Swamp NP)

Kenya Campsites N0 21.073 E36 03.818 (Outside Lake Bogoria NP)

Campsite. Basic facilities S2 44.163 E37 22.232 (Inside Amboseli NP)

Kenya Campsites S0 32.389 E36 24.269 (Inside Kigio Wildlife Reserve)

Kenya Campsites S3 17.997 E39 59.710 (Inside Arabuko Sokoke NP)

Kenya Campsites and picnic sites S3 16.894 E39 58.264 (Inside Arabuko Sokoke NP)

Carnelly¡s Camp Campsites S0 49.579 E36 20.263 (Lake Naivasha – wonderful situated campsite at the Lake, during night hippo come out. Good Restaurant, electricity at some spots, hot showers)

Chania Falls Public Campsite S0 27.195 E36 43.024 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Chyulu Kenya campsites S2 54.075 E38 02.299 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Chyulu Hills Campsite S2 29.958 E37 56.386 (Inside Chyulu NP)

Coastline Pinewood Village Beach resort S4 22.549 E39 33.140 (Mombasa South)

Cottars 1920′s Safari Camp S1 43.131 E35 20.376 (Inside Masai Mara)

Crater Lake Campsite S0 47.010 E36 15.438 (Inside Lake Naivasha NP)

Crayfish Camp S0 49.942 E36 21.116 (Lake Naivasha)

Crocodile Camp S3 04.542 E39 14.339 (Outside Tsavo East NP)

Crocodile campsite S1 26.669 E35 12.590 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Daku Dima, Special Campsite No.5  N0 40.412 E37 48.960 (Inside Shaba National Reserve)

Dudubatu, Special Campsite No. 6  N0 40.563 E37 49.563 (Inside Shaba National Reserve)

El-Molo Campsite N2 45.600 E36 43.371 (Loyangalani)

Elephant Bedroom Camp N0 35.382 E37 36.216 (Inside Buffalo Springs NP)

Eliya Springs  N3 15.203 E36 01.225 (Lake Turkana West Side)

Elkarash Campsite (Basic) N1 02.506 E37 18.829 (Outside Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy)

Eluai public campsite S1 23.788 E35 00.234 (Inside Masai Mara NP)

Epiya Chapeyu Tented Camp S3 02.997 E38 46.585 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Ewaso Ngiro Special Campsite No. 14 N0 36.570 E37 38.508 (Inside Buffalo Springs NP)

Fig tree camp S1 25.785 E35 11.676 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Fig Tree campsite (typical Kenya campsite) N0 11.545 E36 07.371 (Inside Lake Bogoria)

Finch Hattons tented camp S2 55.616 E37 54.767 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Fisherman’s camp campsite S0 49.548 E36 20.095 (Lake Naivasha)

Flamingo Camp S0 26.014 E36 14.979 (Lake Elementaita)

Flamingo Hill Camp S0 18.874 E36 04.304 (Outside Lake Nakuru NP)

Forest Rest House& Campsite N0 14.187 E34 51.935 (Inside Kakamega NP)

Funan, Special Kenya Campsites No. 3 N0 38.025 E37 49.345 (Insida Shabe NR)

Fish Eagle campsite S0 49.567 E36 20.050 (Lake Naivasha)

Galdessa Tent Camp S3 01.505 E38 39.091 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Gatamaiyo Campsite S0 58.438 E36 41.821 (Inside Gatamaiyo NP)

Henry’s Rest camp (Marsabit) N2 20.739 E37 57.941 (Marsabit – nice campsite run by a Swiss that has a own bakery – good bread – showers, electricity, no restaurant, within walking distance of Marsabit)

Hergania Campsite S0 25.176 E36 43.553 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Ilkeliani Camp S1 27.682 E35 13.888 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Indaba Campsite S1 20.358 E36 45.860 (Outside Nairobi)

Joy’s Camp N0 38.294 E37 52.939 (Inside Shaba NR)

Jungle Junction camp S1 17.327 E36 45.636 (Nairobi – Very good Camp, rooms available, meeting place for overlander, showers, restaurant, WIFI (free), Car and motorbike repair, Vehicles can be parked here for long-term.)

Kajama Camp (remote Beach hideaway) S3 03.760 E40 10.275 (North of Malindi)

Kalacha Camp N3 07.033 E37 24.951 (close to Kalacha)

Kalama Campsite N0 41.809 E37 34.724 (Inside Kalama Wildlife Conservancy)

Kambi Nyati Special Kenya campsites S0 19.996 E36 06.872 (Lake Nakuru)

Kambi Nyuki Special Kenya campsites S0 19.286 E36 06.899 (Lake Nakuru)

Kamboyo Rest Camp S2 45.264 E38 06.907 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Kararancha campsite S3 25.278 E39 53.608 (Inside Arabuko Sokoke NP)

Karibuni Karen Camp S1 20.111 E36 42.144 (Outside Nairobi)

Kbc Camp N4 22.231 E35 32.690 (Close to Kaleeng)

Kembu Camp S0 17.990 E35 53.980 (Close to Njeru)

Kensington Camp S1 28.048 E35 16.658 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Kentrout Campsite N0 05.132 E37 14.485 (Timau)

Kenya Wildlife Camp S0 10.530 E37 08.802 (Inside Mt.Kenya NP)

Kibo Safari Camp S2 43.979 E37 22.514 (Outside Amboseli NP, but NO campsite)

Amboseli campsite S2 44.250 E37 22.488 (Outside Amboseli – very basic facilities, hot showers, electricity, drinks, Food available on demand, ground has many thorns)

Kiboko Public Kenya Campsites S2 12.182 E37 42.824 (Close to Makindu)

Kiboko Special Kenya Campsites S1 29.458 E35 02.188 (Inside Masai Mara)

Kimana Camp S1 31.762 E35 20.987 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Kisumu Beach Camp S0 05.782 E34 43.909 (Kisumu – nice Campsite with Bar and Restaurant – excellent fish! Beach, Electricity, hot shower)

Koobi Fora base camp and Hq N3 56.873 E36 11.181 (Lake Turkana)

Kudu Camp – no facilities S3 02.940 E38 06.698 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Kws Bandas (Self Catering) N1 02.343 E34 47.067 (Inside Mount Elgon NP)

Kws Camp S1 52.564 E40 08.419 (Inside Tana NP)

Kws Guest House (Self Catering) N1 02.421 E34 47.228 (Inside Mt.Elgon NP)

Kws Roka Campsite – No facilities, abandoned S2 24.053 E38 32.816 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Lake Chala Public Kenya Campsites S3 18.828 E37 42.785 (Lake Chala)

Lake Elementaita Lodge campsite S0 27.527 E36 15.696 (Lake Elementaita)

Lake Jipe Bandas (Self Catering) S3 36.887 E37 46.575 (Lake Jipe)

Larsen’s Tented Camp N0 34.335 E37 34.329 (Inside Samburu NP)

Lekuka Campsite N2 05.760 E36 54.926 (South Horr)

Lelin Overland Campsite N0 37.999 E35 31.279 (Kessup Village – Eldoret)

Maili Saba tented camp S0 12.584 E36 06.941 (Merengai Crater)

Makalia Falls Campsite S0 29.458 E36 04.939 (Inside Lake Nakuru NP)

Malewa Self Catering Bandas S0 33.904 E36 23.852 (Inside Kigio Wildlife Conservancy)

Malindi Campsite S3 12.049 E40 06.971 (North of Malindi)

Malindi Marine Np Campsite S3 15.337 E40 07.866 (Malindi)

Malsasso Community Rest Camp N1 13.369 E36 32.452 (Lorok)

Malu Tree House Self Catering S0 37.133 E36 25.275 (Malu)

Maneater’s Safari Camp S2 59.333 E38 28.154 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Mara Leisure Camp S1 27.547 E35 15.035 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Mara Springs Campsite S1 31.923 E35 21.213 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Masinga Dam Resort S0 53.536 E37 35.739 (Masinga Dam)

Mbogo Public Kenya Campsites S0 48.567 E37 35.703 (Inside Mwea NP)

Mbweha Camp S0 28.748 E36 06.715 (Inside Lake Nakuru NP)

Mchelelo Camp (Kws) S1 52.626 E40 08.322 (Tana River NP)

Mida Ecocamp S3 19.357 E39 57.824 (Watamu)

Musiara campsite S1 16.287 E35 03.869 (Inside Masai Mara National Park)

Naiberi River Camp N0 26.869 E35 25.342 (Eldoret – Very excellent campsite with hot water, electricity, internet, very good restaurant with reasonable prices. Owner very helpful)

Nairobi Park Services Campsite S1 21.328 E36 45.687 (Nairobi NP)

Nakuru Campsite S0 19.015 E36 05.045 (Lake Nakuru)

Nakuru-Kumbu Camp S0 05.203 E35 47.569 (North Kenya)

Nanyuki River Camp N0 02.477 E37 03.559 (Nanyuki)

Naro Moru Campsite + Bandas S0 15.125 E37 00.762 (South of Naro Moro)

Ndololo campsite S3 21.588 E38 38.747 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Ngulia Safari Camp S2 59.657 E38 10.119 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Nibono Camp S3 04.689 E39 17.699 (At Galana River)

Nyali Beach Resort S4 02.627 E39 42.660 (Mombasa)

Nyati Luxury Camp S2 51.309 E37 55.007 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Nyumbu Camp S1 22.319 E35 13.410 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Ocean Sport Resort Campsite S2 16.255 E40 54.197 (Lamu)

Ol-Kilnyiet public Kenya campsites S2 41.397 E37 13.243 (Inside Amboseli)

Old Kokai Camp (Abandoned?) N4 06.038 E36 14.092 (Lake Turkana)

Ona  Rest Camp S2 32.014 E36 49.064 (Close to Namanga)

Outdoor Africa Campsite S0 29.606 E36 36.918 (Kahururu Village)

Olepolos Country Club S1 29.733 E36 37.517 (Olepolos – Possibility to stay overnight)

Palm Shade Camp N2 45.385 E36 43.258 (Lake Turkana)

Palm Tree campsite S3 02.280 E38 04.025 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Patterson’s Safari Camp S2 56.566 E38 29.292 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Private camping Sanctuary Farm S0 47.121 E36 24.846 (Lake Naivasha)

Public campsite # 1 N2 19.204 E37 59.200 (Inside Marsabit NP)

Public Campsite No. 2. N2 19.195 E37 59.644 (Inside Marsabit NP)

Reedbuck Campsite S0 28.862 E36 43.792 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Rekero Camp S1 25.287 E35 05.095 (Inside Masai Mara NP)

Research Camp N0 34.057 E37 31.660 (Inside Buffalo Springs NP)

Researchers Campsite N0 39.251 E37 43.306 (Inside Shaba NP)

Rest Camp N0 43.856 E37 34.817 (North of Samburu NP)

Rhino Retreat Camp S0 20.437 E36 46.923 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Rhino Women Group Campsite N2 45.488 E36 43.026 ( Ksh 250 pP Loiyangalani)

Richards Camp S1 07.092 E35 11.898 (At Mara River outside of Masai Mara NP)

Roberts Camp N0 36.730 E36 01.413 (Lake Baringo – Beautifully situated Campsite direct at the beach of the Lake – hippos, crocodiles! No electricity)

Robin Hurt’s Camp, Special Kenya Campsites No. 7 N0 40.711 E37 50.265 (Inside Shaba NP)

Rongai Campsite N1 01.859 E34 46.680 (Inside Mt.Elegon NP)

Royal Little Campsite S2 59.897 E37 58.276 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Samburu Public Kenya Campsites N0 33.961 E37 32.084 (Inside Buffalo Springs NP)

Samburu women campsite N0 37.877 E37 39.616 (Archers Post)

Sand River Public Kenya Campsites S1 39.209 E35 13.080 (On Public Road through Masai Mara NP)

Sarara Camp #3 N0 59.747 E37 24.426 (Namunyak Wildlife Sanctuary)

Savage Camp S0 42.450 E37 14.709 (At the Tana River)

Sekenani Camp S1 32.947 E35 22.458 (Outside Masai Mara NP)

Serena Public Campsite S1 24.035 E35 01.082 (Inside Masai Mara NP)

Severin Safari Camp S2 59.896 E37 59.200 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Shimba Hills Rest Camp S4 14.835 E39 25.759 (Inside Shimba Hill NP)

Silversands Campsite S3 13.976 E40 07.637 (South of Malindi)

Simba Special Kenya Campsites S3 00.810 E37 59.900 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Sirata Suruwa Camp S1 57.841 E36 43.936 (close to Kumpa)

Soysambu conservancy S0 23.034 E36 14.258 (Lake Elementaita)

Tarhi Eco Camp S3 22.134 E38 41.021 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Tea Plantation Hotel and campsite S0 21.968 E35 17.492 (Kericho)

Tented Camp S3 10.145 E38 08.117 (Inside Tsavo West NP)

Thedo Fishing Camp S0 20.745 E37 02.871 (Close to Kiganjo)

Thiba Fishing Camp S0 24.811 E37 18.703 (Outside Mount Kenya NP)

Thika Campsite S1 01.677 E37 03.895 (Thika)

Tiva Camp S2 25.900 E38 26.667 (Inside Tsavo East NP)

Tizi campsite S2 27.077 E36 50.649 (North of Namanga)

Tortilis Camp S2 40.965 E37 10.959 (Inside Amboseli NP)

Tsavo Buffalo Camp S3 04.693 E39 13.310 (Outside Tsavo East NP)

Tsavo Mashariki Camp S3 21.978 E38 35.239 (Outside Tsavo East NP)

Tsavo park camp S3 22.722 E38 34.579 (Voi)

Turaco Public Kenya Campsites S1 06.084 E37 15.061 (Outside Oldonyio NP)

Tusk Camp S0 23.115 E36 49.200 (Inside Aberdare NP)

Upper Hill Kenya Campsites S1 17.159 E36 46.390 (Nairobi)

Ututu House Camp S0 30.484 E36 13.820 (South of Lake Elementaita)

Wwf Camp N0 13.244 E36 08.221 (Inside Lake Bogoria)

Yare Camel Club Campsite N1 03.528 E36 42.670 (Close to Maralal)

This list of Kenya Campsites is constantly updated.

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