Sudan Campsites with GPS

Sudan Campsites are available but bush camping is possible all over the country, it is also officially allowed.

Afex Riverside Camp N4 50.293 E31 37.001 (Juba)

Camp Louis N20 42.932 E30 21.391 (at the Nile River bank opposite Sai Island)

Camping Isaac Lubudi N15 30.750 E32 37.730 (Khartoum)

Camping Khartoum N15 30.950 E32 36.799 (Southern Edge of Khartoum – it is a little bit far from the centre, but cheaper and good sanitary block, but no shade. Check it out it is an alternative to the rather expensive Blue Nile Sailing Club, with lousy sanitary)

Heron Campsite N4 49.561 E31 36.532 (Juba)

Kerma Desert N19 30.679 E30 28.295 (South of Agro: We did not check that personally, but we think that is just a kind of bush camp with basic to no facilities – Feedback would be fine)

Khartoum Blue-Nile-Sailing Club camping N15 36.697 E32 32.076 (Khartoum – Overlander meeting place. Expensive, bad showers and toilets. Is not a real campsite, but at least you get some plots with shade, it is said they get a new caretaker)

Levi Camping (need a reservation – theoretically) N16 56.799 E33 46.081 (Merowe Pyramids – nice place with view of the desert, cool beers. Good Showers. From the tarmac main road you have to follow tracks, if you are lucky you find the right one and you do not get stuck. Building seen from far as orientation)

Meroe Campsite (view of the pyramids) N16 55.993 E33 45.305 (Merowe Pyramids – we heard rumors that it does not exist (anymore)).

Presbyterian Compound N4 05.702 E30 41.312 (Yei)

Sudan Nat Camp Resort N15 31.483 E32 34.179 (Khartoum)

Sudan Campsites
Bush Camping

Camping in Sudan offers a unique opportunity to experience the country’s natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Sudan has a vast and varied terrain, from deserts to mountains, making it an appealing destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some popular camping destinations and tips for camping in Sudan:

  1. Desert Camping:
    • Bayuda Desert: Located in northern Sudan, the Bayuda Desert is known for its impressive sand dunes and stark landscapes. It’s a great place for desert camping and stargazing.
    • Nubian Desert: The Nubian Desert, in the northeastern part of Sudan, also offers excellent desert camping opportunities. It’s a remote area with limited facilities, so be prepared with essential supplies.
  2. Nile River Camping:
    • River Nile: Camping along the banks of the Nile River can be a picturesque experience. You can find camping spots in various locations along the river, especially in northern Sudan.
  3. Red Sea Coast:
    • Suakin Island: Suakin Island, in the Red Sea, offers a unique coastal camping experience. The island has historical ruins and beautiful beaches for camping.
  4. Dinder National Park:
    • Located in southeastern Sudan, Dinder National Park is known for its diverse wildlife and natural beauty. There are designated camping areas within the park where you can enjoy the wilderness.
  5. Wild Camping:
    • In many remote areas of Sudan, you can practice wild camping with the permission of local authorities. Be sure to check the local regulations and respect the environment and local communities.

Tips for Camping in Sudan:

  1. Permits: Depending on the location, you may need permits to camp in Sudan. It’s essential to research and obtain any necessary permits in advance. Local authorities or tour operators can assist with this.
  2. Water and Supplies: Carry an ample supply of water, food, and camping gear, as you may not find many amenities or stores in remote areas.
  3. Safety: Be aware of the local safety conditions, especially in border regions or areas with ongoing conflicts. Check travel advisories and consult with local authorities for updated information.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs and traditions. Sudan is a conservative country, so dress modestly and be mindful of local norms.
  5. Leave No Trace: Practice responsible camping by cleaning up after yourself and leaving no trace of your presence. Protect the environment and respect the local wildlife.
  6. Language: Arabic is the official language in Sudan, so it can be helpful to have some basic Arabic phrases or a translator app for communication.
  7. Weather: Be prepared for extreme weather conditions, especially in desert areas. Carry appropriate clothing and gear to stay safe and comfortable.

Always prioritize safety and respect for the environment and local communities while camping in Sudan. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts, but proper preparation and awareness are key to a successful camping experience.

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