Zambia Campsites with GPS

Zambia Campsites are generally of  high standard.

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Adorata Camp S13 09.388 E31 44.620 (Outside South Luangwa NP)

Agricultural Ministry Rest Camp S11 49.885 E31 25.529 (Mpika)

Ambassadors Campsite S9 28.521 E30 32.086 (Mukolwe)

Andy’s Camp  S15 56.528 E29 00.485 (Chinundu at the Zambesi)

Zambia Campsites
Campsite at South Luangwa National Park

Baines’ river Camp S15 45.762 E29 13.903 (Chinundu at the Zambesi)

Buffalo Camp S11 55.402 E32 15.591 (Inside North Luangwa NP)

Bush Baby Camp S12 36.805 E31 33.894 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Bush Bag Bush Camp S15 41.925 E29 18.903 (Outside Lower Zambesi NP)

Bwaato Adventures S17 53.262 E25 50.660 (Inside Mosi oa Tunya NP)

Camp Mupa S12 47.682 E31 16.228 (Chisolo Village)

Chachacha Camp S15 43.371 E29 19.394 (Chongwe)

Chiawa Community Campsite S15 43.263 E29 19.866 (Chongwe at Zambesi)

Chifunda Bushcamp (Community based) S11 51.633 E32 26.035 (Outside North Luangwa NP)

Chikoko Tree Camp S12 47.817 E32 01.446 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Chikwa Bushcamp (Community based) S11 27.510 E32 48.007 (Outside North Luangwa NP)

Chimana Camp S11 42.777 E32 33.258 (Inside North Luangwa NP)

Chimfunshi campsite S12 21.454 E27 33.227 (at Kafue River)

Chiundaponde Campsite S12 14.770 E30 34.769 (Chiundaponde)

Chongwe Camp S15 43.108 E29 20.081 (Chongwe at Zambesi)

Chongwe River Camp S15 42.084 E29 19.809 (Outside Lower Zambesi NP)

Chunga Camp S15 02.595 E26 00.013 (Inside Kafue NP)

Community Campsite S15 43.228 E29 19.943 (Chongwe)

Croc Valley Camp S13 06.010 E31 47.644 (Outside South Luangwa NP – very fiendly owner, electricity, restaurant, directly at the river, caution: elephants come into the camp, do not leave food in your car)

Crocodile River Camp S12 49.255 E31 59.739 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Dam View Chalets S15 09.923 E29 19.573 (Nyamphande)

Dawi Camp S12 52.477 E32 00.375 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Delai Camp S14 28.548 E26 37.070 (Outside Kafue NP at the river)

Eagle Rest Restcamp S16 32.221 E28 43.656 (Siavonga at lake Kariba – very nice place, shade, electricity,at the lake)

Eureka Camping Park S15 30.206 E28 15.901 (Nice spot – high standard, shade, electricity, wildlife zebras,giraffe,antelopes)

Fountain of Sambesi Campsite S11 22.170 E24 19.883 (Inside Zambezi River NP)

Fawlty Towers Camping S17 51.260 E25 51.293 (Livingstone)

Fibwe Camping site closed (Oct to Dec) S12 35.433 E30 15.129 (Kapabi Swamp)

Forest Inn Campsite S13 43.348 E29 09.405 (North of Mpulo)

Fringilla Farm Campsite S15 00.275 E28 09.521 (Chisamba)

Gwabi Campsite S15 57.092 E28 51.572 (Chirundu at Kafue River – nice site under high trees, electricity, hot showers, directly at the Kafue River, restaurant)

Gwembe Safari Lodge Campsite S16 48.403 E26 57.099 (Choma)

Isanga Bay Lodge Campsite S8 39.324 E31 11.670 (Isanga Bay)

Isoka camp S10 06.521 E32 40.673 (Isoka)

Jollyboys Camp S17 51.289 E25 51.682 (Livingstone)

Kabula Lodge camping S17 02.446 E24 00.882 (At the Zambesi)

Kabwe Campsite S12 32.465 E30 12.691 (Inside Kasanka NP)

Kafwala Rapids Camp S14 48.076 E26 11.193 (Inside Kafue NP)

Kafumbakwale Community Lodge Campsite S15 02.272 E26 02.171 (Outside Kafue NP)

Kaingo Camp S12 55.376 E31 55.422 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Kakuli Camp S12 59.755 E31 53.748 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Kalala lodge campsite S15 46.413 E26 00.690 (Itechi techi Dam)

Kalwa Farm rest camp S13 13.679 E30 21.507 (Kawalala)

Kapishya Hot Springs Campsite S11 10.162 E31 36.020 (Kapishya)

Kasaba Bay Campsite S8 31.059 E30 40.107 (Lake Tanganyika)

Kasanka Trust Pontoon Campsite S12 34.387 E30 14.084 (Inside Kasanka NP)

Katoyana Camp S14 36.706 E22 42.125 (Inside Kiuwa Plains NP)

Katuli Fly Camp S16 53.361 E23 34.152 (Close to Sioma Ngwezi NP)

Kavumbu River Camp S16 55.989 E23 54.233 (South of Silambu at Zambezi River)

Khibbu Camp – Self Catering S17 12.270 E24 05.383 (Close to Lusu at Zambesi)

Khoshi Koto Camp S14 27.267 E26 34.933 (Outside Kafue NP at the River)

Kulefu Tented Camp S15 37.319 E29 45.397 (Inside Lower Zambezi NP)

Kundalila Falls Rest Camp S13 09.257 E30 42.112 (Close to Kanona)

Kwalata Camp S15 56.559 E29 00.675 (At Zambezi River)

Kwale Camp S14 49.120 E22 41.023 (Inside Liuwa Plains NP)

Lake View Restcamp S17 16.251 E27 27.886 (At Lake Kariba)

Limulunga Fly Camp S15 07.808 E23 08.664 (At Ndanda River)

Livingstone Safari Lodge (Campsites) S17 52.825 E25 52.194 (Livingstone – nice Campsite, little shade, electricity, bar,free WIFI, friendly owner)

Lodge in Petauke S14 17.383 E31 20.282 (Petauke – camping possible, you get a key for room showers, electricity,retaurant)

Luangwa Bridge Camp S15 00.322 E30 12.910 (At Luangwa River)

Luangwa River Ebony Grove Fly Camp S12 57.251 E31 54.398 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Lumangwe Falls Campsite S9 32.561 E29 23.272 (Lumangwe falls)

Lunga Hunting camp S14 06.339 E26 22.640 (Close to Kafue NP at Lunga River)

Lunga Island Fly Camp S14 35.362 E26 25.583 (Inside Kafue Nationalpark)

Lungwebungu Fly Camp S14 15.501 E23 00.732 (At Lungwebungo River)

Luwi Camp S12 53.923 E31 45.131 (South Luangwa NP)

Lyangu Camp S14 46.830 E22 34.686 (Inside Liuwa Plains NP)

Mama Rula’s B&B and Campsite S13 34.939 E32 36.591 (Chipata – Nice Site with electricity, shade)

Matia Manene Camp S14 39.288 E22 38.210 (Inside Liuwa Plains NP)

Mc Bride’s Camp S14 41.511 E26 23.084 (Inside Kafue NP)

Mchenja Camp S12 56.476 E31 54.298 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Mita dam campsite S14 14.365 E29 06.498 (At Mita Dam)

Moshi Camp (Closed?) S14 24.268 E26 09.687 (Inside Kafue NP)

Mpika Motel S11 49.916 E31 25.529 (Mpika)

Mukalabumbu Camp S14 24.344 E22 37.564 (Inside Liuwa Plains NP)

Mukuyu Restcamp S16 18.151 E28 49.140 (Mukuyu Outreach)

Mulondoshi Camp S12 12.761 E32 17.272 (Inside North Luangwa NP)

Mumana Pleasure Resort S15 23.176 E28 20.823 (Lusaka)

Mupamadzi Camp S12 46.304 E31 17.698 (Mupamadzi Falls)

Musungwa Safari Lodge S15 46.878 E26 00.389 (Itechi techi Dam)

Mutanda Plain Fly Camp S12 56.950 E31 57.529 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Mutemwa Lodge Campsite S17 06.974 E24 02.836 (Kalobolwela at Zambesi)

Mutinondo Wilderness campsite #2 S12 23.498 E31 19.383 (Outside Malushi Manda NP)

Mvuu Lodge S15 45.893 E29 13.191 (At Zambezi River)

Mwamba Bush Camp S12 52.490 E31 56.224 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Mwanya Bushcamp (Community based) S12 45.353 E32 04.552 (Outside South Luangwa NP)

Nanzhila Campsite S16 16.889 E25 55.005 (Inside Kafue NP)

Natwange Community Camp S11 36.367 E32 01.162 (Inside North Luangwa NP)

Nchila Bush Camp S11 14.945 E24 19.643 (Ikelenge)

Ndole Bay Campsite S8 28.687 E30 26.960 (Lake Tanganyika)

Neptune Farms Camp S13 06.441 E28 32.223 (Luanshya)

Nina Fishing Camp – Self Catering S17 12.353 E24 05.392 (at Zambesi)

Nkwali Camp S13 06.992 E31 44.402 (Outside Luangwa NP – beautofully situated directly at the River, electricity, pool,good wildlife watching)

Nsefu Camp S12 56.229 E31 55.240 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Nsobe Camp S13 22.533 E28 45.098 (Mishikishi)

Nsobe Safari Camp (Chiundaponde Community Camp) S11 59.222 E30 18.742 (Inside Bangweulu Reserve)

Nsolo Camp S12 56.426 E31 48.297 (Inside South Luangwa NP)

Ntumbacushi Falls Campsite S9 51.166 E28 56.640 (Ntumbacushi Falls – No Facilities)

Nutoboze Camp S11 57.133 E32 24.114 (Outside North Luangwa NP)

Nyamangwe Campsite S15 44.491 E29 17.360 (At Zambezi)

Orphan camp S16 56.280 E27 18.123 (South of Batoga)

Parks Board Offices – Payment for Luiwa S14 59.418 E22 41.313 (Kalabo)

Rapids Campsite No. 1 S15 17.927 E25 58.674 (Outside Kafue NP)

Rapidsview Campsite S17 12.662 E24 05.510 (At Zambezi)

Rest Camp S15 25.036 E27 28.181 (Inside Blue Lagoon NP)

Sakazima Island Lodge Campsite S17 17.811 E24 09.186 (South of Sioma village)

Shikufwe Airstrip Rest Camp S12 33.069 E30 09.643 (Inside Kasanka NP)

Shoebill Campsite S11 57.279 E30 14.119 (Inside Bangweule Game Reserve)

Shoebill rest camp S11 57.070 E30 14.240 (Inside Bangweule Game Reserve)

Sichifula camp S16 52.425 E25 23.761 (Mulanga, south of Kafue NP)

Sikhale Community rest camp S14 17.947 E22 33.301 (Inside Liuwa Plains NP)

Taita Falcon Lodge Campsite S17 58.701 E25 54.547 (Outside Victoria Falls NP)

Tafika Camp S12 51.299 E31 59.911 (Outside South Luangwa NP)

Tamarind fishing camp S16 22.109 E28 50.796 (At Zambezi)

The Grotto Rest Camp S17 50.299 E25 51.648 (Livingstone)

The Houseboat Company Campsite S17 16.100 E27 28.073 (Lake Kariba)

The Moorings Campsite S16 11.624 E27 32.600 (Close to Monze – Farm campsite, large area under high trees, basic bar, electricity, no restaurant)

The Wildlife Camp (campsites) S13 06.305 E31 45.127 (Outside South Luangwa)

Thebe Lodge S16 40.391 E23 37.162 (Nanguva Rapids)

Touch The Wild Camp S16 41.263 E23 38.167 (At Zambesi)

Treetops Conservation School Camp S14 24.141 E26 02.546 (Inside Kafue NP)

Waka Waka Community Campsite S12 30.950 E30 36.180 (Lake Wakawaka)

Waterfront campsite S17 53.249 E25 50.679 (Outside Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park)

Zamarula Fishing Camp S17 12.972 E27 31.151 (Lake Kariba)

Zulu Kraal Campsite S14 17.743 E31 19.838 (Petauke)

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